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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Supernatural


Last of our posts today is for another Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments. This one is taking a look at the Supernatural episode, “Home”… a good episode, despite the clichés that try to drag it down.

Our focus character list remains woefully short in season one as we’re all about two characters only: Sam Winchester and his brother Dean Winchester. We do see the missing John Winchester in this episode, but he’s in cameo territory.

Our Boys Are Heroic!

Sam- I can’t issue Our Sam a kudo.

Dean- Dean earns another Half-KUDO for saving Sammy from being choked to death with a possessed lamp cord.

A special KUDO goes to Mary Winchester who, as a ghost, banishes the poltergeists causing trouble in the house where she died.

Our Boys Are Pathetic!

Sam- I’ve nothing to slam Our Sam for.

Dean- I’m also not issuing a demerit to Dean this time out.

John Winchester bugs the hell out of me and he gets a Half-DEMERIT for staying in the shadows and not giving his sons the emotional support they need right now.

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