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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: BTVS



So, shocked to see that I’ve not issued a single Best Of / Worst Of entry for Buffy’s season 3 yet. So, I think instead of doing another entry for season 8, we’ll go back and issue a character report for the episode “Anne”.

Our feature players in this one are: Buffy, Willow, Oz, Cordelia, and Xander. I’m counting Giles and Joyce as basically glorified cameos this time out.

Our Characters Are Awesome!

Buffy- Buffy’s awesome moment is reclaiming her power, self-assuredness and confidence of course when she confronts the demonic Head Guard in Ken’s dimension. KUDOS to her.

Willow- I like that Willow took on the responsibility of keeping the gang patrolling, despite their lackluster results. It’s weird that Giles wasn’t more involved in all of this, but I’m putting that down to his being more focused on finding his Slayer. Wills gets a Half-KUDO.

Oz- I’m not issuing a kudo to Oz, though I give him a pat on the back for his attempt to stake Andy.

Cordy- Cordelia also doesn’t receive a kudo.

Xan- Xander does manage to pull Andy onto his stake, but it’s feels more like a fortunate accident than an action plan. I’ll give him a Half-KUDO since he was saving Willow at the time.

I have to issue a congratulatory Anti-KUDO for the way that Ken summed up everything that Buffy was feeling about herself and absolutely verbally cutting her down.

I’m issuing Lily the KUDO for giving Ken a good shove off of the platform when he thought that she’d be too cowed to do anything but stand there waiting to be victimized.

Our Characters Are Horrible!

Buffy- Buffy is short-tempered and weak willed here, but I find it completely understandable after her trauma. What I cannot forgive however [and apparently I’m one of very few] is her not calling her mother to check in and assure her that she’s alive over the entire summer. That is self-involvement on Cordelia levels. DEMERIT

Willow- Willow doesn’t earn a demerit.

Oz- Oz really bugs me by not having his stake at the ready when they first face off against Andy-Vampire, especially with Willow making herself vulnerable to distract the demon. But, I have the same feeling about the whole Scooby Gang, so he’ll be sharing in a group demerit instead.

Cordelia- Cordelia doesn’t earn herself a demerit.

Xander- Xander doesn’t earn himself a demerit.

I’m going to issue a group Half-DEMERIT to the entire gang, though. They spend a lot of time trying to draw Andy-Vampire out into the open without having any weaponry to hand to actually deal with him. It’s rather clumsy of them all.

I’m also going to issue Giles a Half-DEMERIT for not being much more involved in the patrolling. It’s odd to me that he’d leave the “kids” out there hunting while he focuses all of his time on trying to track Buffy. I can’t imagine how he’d have felt if Xander or Willow had been killed because he wasn’t there helping them.

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