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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel


Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel

Today’s subject will be Angel, Season 6 -- Issue 31.

Our focus characters to be put under our judging microscope are: Connor, Spike, Illyria and Eddie Hope - who is still taking up four pages at the end of Angel’s title each month for his adventure.

Our Characters - What Wonders!

Connor: I like Connor’s tactical planning to reduce the vampire population across L.A. in a single night and issue a Half-KUDO for this thinking and leading.

Spike: No kudo for Spike this issue.

Illyria: Illyria rescues Angel, but since she takes her damned time about it to talk about seducing Connor, I’m not giving her a kudo.

Eddie: I don’t find Eddie doing anything worth a kudo.

I’m going to issue a special Half-KUDO to Laura Weathermill for her take down of the vampire assembly line at Innovation Labs.

Our Characters - What Dopes!

Connor- Shockingly, Angel’s son doesn’t do something to earn a demerit.

Spike- I find Spike seducing Ms. Valentine-vampire gross but I’ll not issue a demerit.

Illyria- Illyria doesn’t receive a demerit, even though she certainly could’ve been more proactive about rescuing her teammate.

Eddie- Eddie seems to spend a lot of energy wasting time for seemingly no reason. I’ll not issue a demerit, but I’m wondering why he keeps pretending that all of this effort is actually necessary when he’s basically been a tank against slingshots so far.

A Half-DEMERIT goes to the stupid Spectators in the park brawl. I hate stupidity and these guys put Connor’s team at risk by forcing them to keep one eye on their status while trying to fight their potential slaughterers.

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