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Hey, all.

  Just to let you know, my next review is going to be for BTVS, Season 3's "Homecoming".  We'll be following that up with Supernatural, Season 1's "Scarecrow" and then The Walking Dead, Season 2's "Bloodletting" and finally getting back to the X-Files, Season 1's unfortunate "Ghost in the Machine" ... yeah, that's going to be really, really unfortunate to review.

  But this post is... no, not a Best Of/Worst Of Character Moments posting... that's for later. This one is about Youtube fanaticismin which I've wasted hours wandering the site looking to sate my Buffy/Winchesters universe mash-up needs. This addition to my YouTube Favorites is an interesting study of Castiel and his attempts to become the new God by stealing the souls from Purgatory. Alas for him, angels weren't meant to replace God. And Cas should've known that. But what I really liked about this video, in addition to incorporating dialog from Supernatural and Buffy was that it actually included some great scenes and dialog from Angel as well. It's a rarity for Angel's series to be included in cross-universe vids with so much emphasis usually placed on shipping Buffy/any male character on SPN.

  Anyway - Radioactive. Just a small warning though, turn down the volume quickly or have your eardrums blown out.

  You can see the entire list of favorites listed right about here.

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