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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel


Welcome back my readers to another entry in the ‘Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel’ series. Our issue this time out is #30 - “The Trouble with Felicia” and “Intermission”. During this point in the series, the reviews were being split up with Angel’s stories that run 18 pages before refocusing on the devil, Eddie Hope for four pages.

In this retrospective of character moments, we’ll be combining the two in one post. Our Characters of focus are: Spike, Gunn, Kate, Connor, Illyria, and Eddie.

Our Characters Grasp At Greatness!

Spike- Spike doesn’t earn himself a kudo.

Gunn- Gunn doesn’t earn himself a kudo.

Kate- No, Kate.

Connor- Sorry, Connor - not this time.

Illyria- I’ll hand Illyria a Half-KUDO for somehow finding Angel when everybody else is still just coming around to the fact he may be missing.

Eddie- Mr. Hope doesn’t earn a kudo.

Our Characters Suck Ass!

Spike- I’m going to give Spike a Half-DEMERIT for trying so hard to show up Gunn, that he let a killer demon get away from them to kill again.

Gunn- No demerit issued.

Kate- She doesn’t do anything to earn a demerit.

Connor- No problems for Connor, except for the weird way he isn’t more interested in discovering what the story is about his sudden army of women warriors.

Illyria- No demerit for Illyria.

Eddie- I’ve nothing to issue a demerit to him over.

Innovation Labs -- not the villain, exactly -- gets a DEMERIT. They actually should earn a few, but I’m only handing out one per issue. This time I’m giving it to them for the Felicia debacle using Angel’s purloined blood. Creating a vampire and rushing them out into the public for advertising purposes without knowing the exact impact of what you’ve acquired [Angel’s uncooperatively given blood] is beyond short-sighted. They are directly at fault for the death of entertainment reporter, Olga and anyone else that Felicia now murders.

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