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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments in BTVS


Buffy the Vampire Slayer - a “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments” entry.
Season 8, Issue 30

In today’s subject, “Retreat, part V” our gang continue fighting against the U.S military, Amy Madison and the held-together-by-magic Warren Mears. All of them under the direction of Twilight who wants to crush the Slayers, but has an especial interest in breaking Buffy mentally and emotionally.

Our focus characters today are: Buffy, Xander, Dawn, Willow, & Monroe’s Werewolf Brigade, Riley Finn with cameos by the Slayers including Faith, Oz and Bayaarma.

Our Characters Are Shining Examples!

Buffy- I’ve no kudos to hand out to our leadership.

Xander- Xan goes by without a kudo this time.

Dawn- I’m going to give Dawn a Half-KUDO for proactively leading the charge to get the Slayers to safety when she figures out that the goddesses aren’t there to help them, necessarily. She’s even a step ahead of Xander on this one!

Willow- Nothing for Willow, though I do kind of admire her for going on the rescue mission for Riley with Buffy when she doesn’t have any powers to fall back on and he’s lying in the middle of a battlefield.

Monroe’s Werewolves: Our werewolves don’t earn themselves any kudos.

Riley Finn- Riley Finn earns himself a KUDO for having been spying on Twilight this entire time to provide Buffy with information on his plans. How useful it actually is isn’t really relevant… he was acting as a double agent well enough to have everyone in Twilight’s Organization believing him.

Our Characters Are Dullards!

Buff: I’ve nothing to give Buffy a demerit over. She’s in a desperate situation, and sometimes it’s simply a no-win scenario.

Xan: Xander doesn’t earn any scorn from my direction.

Dawnie: Dawn is fine in this one and doesn’t earn a mark against her.

Wills: There was an internal debate about issuing at least a half-demerit for the goddesses debacle. Ultimately though, I don’t think that anyone could’ve foreseen that the goddesses would rampage indiscriminately as even Bay thought that they’d be in affinity with her people.

The Furball Brigade: Um. Our werewolves go into battle against giant goddesses who are so tall, they only reach their ankles… think about that. Monroe’s Werewolf Brigade vs. Giant Goddess Ankles; it goes about how you’d expect and earns them a DEMERIT for suicidal stupidity for no conceivable gain.

Riles: Our man Finn gains no demerits.

Another DEMERIT to Twilight for his lack of leadership -- once again, he’s sacrificing his own troops [this time by the dozens] for no obvious reasoning that would make sense and inspire loyalty among those he’s leading/deceiving. He’s the worst sort of mastermind black hat and has been watching way too many bad c-grade action 80’s action movies where this sort of black hat was more common.

You know what? I’m also going to issue a DEMERIT to General Voll for being so far into Twilight’s pocket that he doesn’t countermand him and order his troops to retreat from the goddesses. His men are getting slaughtered for no purpose here, except curiosity of Twi-Twit. Good looking out for the soldiers under your command, you complete balls-less loser.

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