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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel


Hello my wonderful visitors,

  Today’s plans are for two “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments” postings: One for Angel, S6 and one for BtVS, S8. I’m also working on the next movie review and will be posting that later today. If you’re just chompin’ at the bit for which black & white giant critter feature we’ll be tackling - it’s 1955’s Tarantula starring Creature Feature mainstays John Agar and Mara Corday.

  If I’m feeling extra, extra ambitious I may be also be throwing in a Best Of/Worst Of for one of the movie reviews… but let’s just not get our collective hopes up. I only have so much brilliance to spend each day, after all.

  So, on with our investigations: Angel’s “Immortalities for Dummies, part II” and Eddie Hope in “Lucky Number 13, part II”.

  Our characters for our measuring sight are: Flashback!Angel, Connor, Spike, Eddie Hope. On the cameo side, Kate, Gunn, Dez and Illyria are in attendance.

Our Heroes Are Noble!

Angel: I’m not issuing Angel any kudos.

Connor: I’ve got nothing to praise Connor for.

Spike: Spike only runs his mouth in this one, and though he is right that Connor should be more concerned about these mysteriously appearing Warrior Women - he isn’t getting a kudo.

Eddie: I’ve nothing to issue a kudo for.

I've an Anti-KUDO to issue. It's going to Jacob Crane who is one of those special, little mortals who seems able to interact with supernaturally evil beings and come out on top. It's a skill. A skill that will lead him into a fiery hell, if there is any justice but you have to give him the props.

Our Heroes Are Undignified!

Angel: I’ve got to slip Angel a Half-DEMERIT for the dumb that got him caught so easily by Innovative Labs.

Connor: Connor seems a bit more dense than usual and his ‘leadership’ isn’t so far. I’m going to slide him a Half-DEMERIT for acting like a dullard.

Spike: Spike’s attitude can get wearying, but he doesn’t earn a demerit.

Eddie: Eddie doesn’t go awry for a demerit.

I have a special DEMERIT for the Park Victims (Angel’s story), who instead of running away from the vampires hang out to take pictures to post. Run now, zoom lens later morons.

I’m also issuing a DEMERIT to rich asshole, Alex Roman. Although I could forgive his stupid plan to create vampires of the wealthy and powerful since he’s put thought into making sure monsters aren’t multiplying and roaming everywhere… at least some limited thought anyway, he crossed the line the moment he assaulted, kidnapped and took blood from Angel against his will. He went from rich, selfish asshole to criminal and I don’t think he’s self-aware enough to realize it.

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