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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel


Good Afternoon.

  Time once again for an interlude with “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments”. Who knew I’d be posting these so regularly… certainly not me when I started this mini-post. But, y’know what? It’s kinda fun to revisit things I’ve reviewed and remember the fine moments of my favorite characters. Of course, the flip side isn’t so fun … but we’s gotta be fair and square, amiright?

  Our subject for today starts the Eddie Hope vignettes which will be going forward for several issues. I don’t expect many kudos or demerits for Eddie’s stories, but we’ll see as we move forward. Not that stuff doesn’t happen, but just that each of his interludes only last 4 pages. And like Angel’s current plots [huh, actually like Angel’s current plots in both his IDW title and in DH’s Buffy -- but that’s for later] the story drags on longer than you’d think it would take to tell.

  But never mind that, it’s not time to re-review but to character judge. Our main focus for Issue #28: Connor, Spike, Kate and Eddie. I’ve decided that Gunn, Betta George, Dez and Illyria are more of cameos and Angel himself definitely is, so aren’t listed as focus characters this time out.

Our Characters, What Shining Examples!

Connor- Well, Connor gets a kick-ass scene which is often lacking. His opponents are more talked about, than shown to be super awesome, but his taking down two of them is enough for a Half-KUDO.

Spike- Spike, while amusing, doesn’t receive a kudo in this issue. But since his Vegas jaunt is coming up in “Best Of/Worst Of”, I’m sure he’ll do better there.

Kate- Kate doesn’t get a chance to show off this issue, so no kudos.

Eddie- I’ve not a kudo to give to Eddie.

Our Characters, What Dullards!

Connor- I’ve no complaints about Connor, except maybe his too easily leaving his last-second benefactors with no answers. That was a bit weird - but no demerit.

Spike- Oh, jealous, whiney Spike. You’re too amusing to be annoyed at - no demerit.

Kate- Nothing wrong with Kate’s character in this issue -- no demerit.

Eddie- Hmm. So little time to judge our new character: He’s non-human and refers to himself as a ‘Devil’… as in a title. He kills a man who he describes as one of the most evil people in Los Angeles. And that’s all we know right now. I’ve little sympathy for humans who turned into monsters, by choice not design, in Hell-Angeles so I’m not going to issue a demerit even though I’m taking Eddie to supposedly be a “hero”… in the anti-hero, vigilante mode. It’s possible though that I’ll change my mind as we move forward. I’ve got little tolerance for fatal vigilantism.

Our murdered barkeep, Christopher Peete, does get a posthumous DEMERIT for being a torturer.

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