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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Buffy, Season 8


Year 35, Day 307, 11th Hour, 49th minute: I’ve decided my life continues to suck [those first 12 were passable].

In other news - since we’ve done well with posting the latest Buffy and Angel reviews yesterday, let’s take another look at our “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments” for our favorited universe, shall we?

Our Contestant is BTVS, Season 8, Issue 28 : Retreat, part III

With our Slayers on the run and trying to hide out in Tibet, our focus characters in today’s subject are: Andrew, Bayarmaa, Xander, Buffy, Rupert, Willow and Oz. I wanted, really wanted to include Faith too, but she’s too cameo to make it… plus, I have enough members as it is!

Our Characters Are Super!

Andy- Andrew. Always a tough one. I’ve had to think about it pretty hard, because ultimately he fails in what he was trying to do, but I’m going to give him a Half-KUDO anyway for being the only one to recognize that Twilight could have a mole in their midst. And, I really don’t blame him for not finding the spy since without counter-magic it’d just be impossible.

Bay- I’ll not be granting Bay a kudo.

Xan- I’m liking Xander continuing to be support-o-pal, but I’m not issuing a kudo.

Buffy- Buffy gets a Half-KUDO from me for confiding to Willow about future-her; It’s a good thing to give Wills the warning she may need to avoid that future altogether. It was a hard thing to have to face with her.

Wills- I like Willow’s attitude toward Buffy about finding out she killed her in the future, really helping Buffy not angst over it any longer. It was pretty mature, since no matter what she said, you’d have to think that was quite a surprise. She’ll get a Half-KUDO.

Giles- I didn’t find anything to reward Rupert for… in fact, the opposite was true.

Oz- Oz is awfully patient in the face of Willow’s near-bitchy behavior over his choice to have a family. I was riding the line about giving him a half-kudo, but ultimately I decided it didn’t quite reach saintly enough for it.

Our Characters Are Lame!

Andrew: I’m not going to give Andy a demerit this time.

Bay: Bay doesn’t get herself a ding, either.

Xander: The only thing that Xander is guilty of this time is making my eyes bleed with that Dawn-kiss monstrosity. It’s taken quite a bit of time to get used to that. But I suppose it’s too Meta to actually deal a demerit for….

Buffy: I’m not going to issue Buffy a demerit.

Willow: Willow’s attitude at Oz for his having found a life away from monster fighting was a bit annoying. I can sorta-kinda understand it, but I still found her pretty bratty about it. She gets a Half-DEMERIT.

Rupert: I did not like the way Giles just dismisses Andrew’s concern without at least giving it some consideration, what with their current circumstances. Of course, it they were being spied upon, it wouldn’t make sense that they weren’t being attacked already - but Giles doesn’t make this argument. He just shuts Andrew out. Half-DEMERIT

Oz: Oz doesn’t earn himself any demerits.

I’m going to issue a DEMERIT to the Magical Cat/Probably Amy for being stupid. There is zero reason why Amy couldn’t have waited to teleport out after finding the Slayers and gaining her intel AFTER she slipped away from them, leaving them none-the-wiser. But no… she ‘ports out right in front of everyone, blowing that they’ve been found and giving them a chance to prepare their defenses. Her impatience is a liability.

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