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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel


Time again, as we wait for the Supernatural review to be finished, for "Best of/Worst of Character Moments" in Angel.

Our focus this time out is for Season 6, Issue 27.

Now, many of our characters are costume-swapped in personality this time out, which limits who we can count as a focus. But we can include: Angel and Groo... and that's it.

Our Characters Are Bestest:

Angel - I've nothing to award Angel for.

Groo - Groo isn't getting anything either.

I'll give Spike-Angel [who we will never call Spangel, 'cause that's totally different] a Half-KUDO for wising up and using the transformed superheroes to search for the McGuffin statue.

I'll also give a Half-KUDO to The All-Powerful Mighty Linus for coming through with the locator spell from scratch that summoned the needed Janus bust to Angel.

Our Characters Are Worstest:

Angel: Angel gets a huge DEMERIT for not trying to douse Explodo in fire retardant, using his exploding body to try to destroy the unknown McGuffin. That was pretty cold.

Groo: I think Groo started out a little too violent [and I note a sword in his hand with fresh blood on it...] which means hurting, maybe even killing transformed, but otherwise innocent people. DEMERIT

It seems like half of our attendees went right for blood when they were supposedly dressed as heroes - heroes, not just the anti-heroes. They all get a DEMERIT.

Our transformed attendees into villains get an Anti-KUDO for killing some of the heroes.

So, yay to Spike-Angel for coming up with the plan to use the transformed heroes to find the McGuffin, but boo to Spike-Angel for doing so over a loud speaker, telling all of the transformed villains about the all-powerful McGuffin. Half-DEMERIT.

I almost think that the anti-heroes should get something for killing the bad guys, but I feel like they should've at least attempted to take them down without bloodshed first. More hero than anti with the deadly force only as a second solution. But since they are anti-heroes, they also don't get any demerits, so ultimately they're a wash.

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