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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel (s6, i26)


Hey all,

 Welcome to another edition of "Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments". Today's subject is Angel, Season 6 and we'll be taking a closer look at our characters in issue 26.

  Now, this is a comedy issue which means that we'll not have many shining moments for our characters, but as I'm loathe to skip inconvenient ones, we'll be sizing up what we can anyway. We're also dealing with a set up issue, which means we don't get into the kick-ass yet. Nevertheless, our focus characters this time out are: Angel, Spike, Jeremy Johns, and Groo.

Our Characters Are Great!

Angel- Angel doesn't earn a kudo this time out.

Spike- Also no kudo.

Jeremy- I'm giving Jer a Half-KUDO for standing up for real heroes over the fictional crap being made about his hell-experience.

Groosalugg- Groo is mildly amusing, but this doesn't earn a kudo. He also spots our would be assassins after Angel, but since they were horribly obvious, he doesn't earn a kudo for that either.

Connor gets a special Half-KUDO for tracking down the magical mcguffin by using a smartphone. Really, Team Angel -- invest in some technology [says the guy who is not using a smartphone].

Our Characters Are Awful!

Angel- Angel doesn't earn a demerit.

Spike- Spike doesn't do anything to irritate.

Jeremy- Jer doesn't get in the way.

Groo- Groo doesn't do anything dumb.

Hollywood gets a Half-DEMERIT for not thinking that L.A. in Hell is dramatic enough, and changing all of the characters and forcing a romantic subplot in where it doesn't belong. Y'know what, hand Hollywood a real life half-demerit for those latter two, while we're at it.

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