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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Dungeon of Harrow


Hullo, Gang O' Mine,

 I was looking through my recent postings and I noticed a little bit of something: It's been a while since I posted a "Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments - Other" posting! Huh.

 So, with this the case, I think today we'll all be revisiting a movie reviewed in order to explore our focus characters and see just how admirable... or the opposite... they were.

 I was gonna go with 'Carnage', but our central characters don't have much going on and it was boring me. I'll have to go back and catch up on the Henderson's later. I'd then considered "Cult of the Cobra", which has plenty of characters to explore so that's a good one... except that all of the characters are bland and I went through much of the review by calling them out by traits instead of names because they were all just blended together. Do I really have the patience today to unravel who is who... obvs, no or I wouldn't have just typed all that out.

 So what, oh what are we to look at today? "Dungeon of Harrow" is the answer. Such a weird little film, as far as my reaction to it. There are so, so many things wrong with it as a movie, but I can't stop myself from having affection for it anyway -- and I am at a total loss as to WHY.

Our Characters today are: Aaron Fallon [semi-spoiled merchant's son], The Ship's Captain [I'll let you work out his job for yourself], Cassandra [nurse/prisoner] and Ann [servant/whipping girl].

Our Characters Rise in our Estimation!

Aaron: Aaron does finally defeat his nemesis, saving his and Cassandra's from either immediate murder or prolonged torture. He gets a Half-KUDO for finally acting to end The Count's reign of terror.

Captain: The Captain is the true, stalwart hero throughout and gets KUDO for using his last breath to attempt to save Aaron, even as he's wracked with pain and infirmity due to his own torture.

Cassandra: I'm going to give Cassandra a Half-KUDO for the rescue of Aaron from the dungeon under the castle. Only a half, because she had far better opportunities to save them and didn't act when needed.

Ann: I'm going to give Ann a KUDO for attempting to save The Captain's life. Bad timing, and Captain's own exhaustian ruins the attempt, but for what she's been through, even this attempt at defiance is a huge deal.

I want to give the servant, Mantis, a KUDO for his attempts at mercy with both Ann and The Captain. He only acts within certain bounds and he follows direct orders from The Count, no matter how evil they are but when he's left to his own devices, he provides what care he can.

I'm going to give the mad Count De Sade a Half-Anti-KUDO for the fate he's decided to visit upon Aaron Fallon: Instead of simply executing him, he leaves the young man for his leprosy-crazy wife to entertain herself with in the crypt. That's really twisted.

Our Characters Sink in our Estimation!

Aaron- ARRRGGGGGHHH. Aaron gets a huge DEMERIT for not helping The Captain in his life and death battle against Mantis -- and because of his weakness of will, The Captain dies trying to free Aaron! It's just... oh, I'm so pissed at him!

Captain- I've no problems with The Captain for which I'll issue demerits.

Cassandra- Cassandra gets a huge DEMERIT for not doing anything to escape, even when she's telling Aaron that they need to fight for their survival. This is particularly galling when she's got the perfect opportunity to take out Mantis from behind and fails to act... in fact, I'm not even sure she thinks about acting. It's appallingly weak-minded.

Ann- I can let Ann's general inaction for most of the film slide by because of her personal history and the nearly constant abuse she's suffered. No demerits issued

Oh, Mantis. I have to even out that kudo to Mantis with a whopper of a DEMERIT. The servant must surely realize that his master has gone insane and is homicidal, but he still honors his loyalty to his oath of service, including allowing torture and outright murdering others. He's not evil enough to receive anti-kudos, but he's involved in too much evil to be given credit for honoring his oath.

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