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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel


Tonight in addition to the review that has been posted, we're going to visit our Best Of/Worst Of Character Moments series, again. We're still in Angel right now, because his issues are behind compared to Buffy. This time out, we're going to have a DOUBLE POSTING!!!WHHOOOOOOOO!!

Okay now that we've had our excited moment for the double post, I must inform you that these two issues are #24 & 25... wonderful issues focused on a wonderful character, Drusilla.

But she's no hero. Ergo we can go in expecting there will be no kudos coming down the pike. But what about anti-kudos? Can we find a reward of some sort to hand to Dru?

Only one way to find out... our only focus character in both issues is Drusilla, herself.

Issue 24: Our Character Is Most Wonderful:

Drusilla - Obviously Dru won't be earning a kudo.

Drusilla, in no more than a few bloody minutes is able to decimate everyone in the hallway "escorting" her. And she does it with graceful ballet, to boot! Anti-KUDO earned, Dru!

Our Character Is Most Horrid:

Drusilla- Dru doesn't earn herself any demerits, since everything villainous she does is because she's a killer demon and earned an Anti-KUDO instead.

I'm issuing a Half-DEMERIT to Drusilla's doctor for very clearly and clumsily underestimating just how dangerous his patient is. Forget her delusions of being a vampire and just focus on her behavior that they've observed in her -- she's obviously violently unstable and he does nothing to ensure that she's kept under control. Basically, he's an idiot.

Issue 25: Our Character Is Aces:

Drusilla- I'm going to issue Dru a KUDO! I KNOW!! But she tried so hard to save her Chief Doctor and the only other staff member who had shown her any kindness. Her "madness" and the doctors' perceptions of her kept that from happening, but she tried.

Our Character is A Zero:

Drusilla- No demerits for Dru.

Again, I'm issuing a DEMERIT but this time a full one to both Head Doctor and Sympathetic Doctor for actually hanging round stupidly after seeing the utter carnage Drusilla left in her wake. These people are too dumb to live, and that's even if they weren't about to be sucked into Hell-Angeles.

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