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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel


Whew -- busy morning.

Which means that today we'll be taking a look at another Best of / Worst Of Character Moments, because it's relatively fast when compared to doing a proper review. See how honest I am with you all.

Today's subject will be Angel, S6, I22. Our main focus characters in this issue are: Angel, Kate, Connor & Dez.

Ew. No wonder my Angel lists are so behind Buffy's... it's the 'James and the trapped angels' story arc that dragged on and on and on with horrible continuity, terrible plotting and weak writing.

I'm annoyed just remembering how much I spent on these issues.

Our Characters Are Like, Totally Cool!

Angel- Angel doesn't do anything to earn a kudo of his own, but he'll share in a group one.

Kate- I was tempted to give Kate a half-kudo of her own, but in the end, just because she's the first one to stand up against the supposed angels on page doesn't mean she's the only one. I'll have her share in the group.

Connor- Connor will also get a piece of the group kudo coming.

Dez- Dez is a member of the team, and therefore also sharing in the group's kudo.

I'm issuing a Half-KUDO to Team Angel for finally standing up against the supposed angels. As Kate says, wrong is wrong and slaughtering human beings for what may happen is wrong.

Our Characters Are Total Losers!

Angel- I don't like the way it feels like Angel is being led around, but I also can't fault him for being too unsure of the situation to act. He doesn't earn a demerit.

Kate- Kate doesn't do anything to irritate.

Connor- The kid doesn't do anything to annoy.

Dez- The Jaguar Warrior doesn't earn my scorn.

I'm also not issuing any special demerits, because like Angel, it's hard to know what is going on and whether we're really dealing with good guys or whether we're being manipulated. Let's just say that for Angels Of The Lord, they're acting awfully squirrely, and engaging in the wholesale slaughter of people isn't making me feel the warm and fuzzies. Castiel, these 'angels' are not. And there is too much going on that suggests maybe the entire situation isn't what is being claimed at all.

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