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Added to YouTube Roundup


I've added a new favorited video to my YouTube Roundup list; This one is from The Walking Dead and is focused on the Rick/Daryl partnership [I'd say that slash is optional]. You can check out all of the lists thus far by clicking on that little "youtube roundup" tag over yonder....

The current review is three quarters done -- I'm hoping to complete it tomorrow afternoon. I'm almost sure the next two reviews will be for the Buffy and Angel comics, and then I'm not sure. Current circumstances have me freaked so it's been a challenge focusing, but I've got some hope in me, yet.

[Edited: I really like the movie I'm currently reviewing: "The Incredible Shrinking Man", but I'm finding that I don't actually have a lot to comment on about it. I didn't expect it to be this challenging to review.]

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