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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel


Welcome back today for our second posting, which is another “Best Of / Worst Of” in the Buffyverse. This time, we’re taking a look at Angel [which for some reason I’m several issues behind Buffy on… huh].

This issue could be rough on me to judge the characters, because I loathed it so. The writing is just awful. The plot mechanics are lazy and ill-scripted. The characters are insulting and insulted. And then they top off the bull-pie by choosing this issue to pay tribute to Andy Hallett… F* You, issue 21.

Our focus characters in this issue are: Angel, Kate, Connor, Gwen and Dez.

Our Characters Are Great!

Angel: Angel is suspicious of James, which is good, but he doesn’t earn a kudo yet.

Kate: I like that Kate figured out Dez’ mystery and the truth behind the ani-men in the city. And, she manages to get Dez to work with the team, rather than on her own so I’ll give her a Half-KUDO.

Connor: Connor doesn’t earn himself a kudo.

Gwen: Gwen doesn’t earn herself a kudo.

Dez: Dez does a very good job of reverting the beasts back to their real nature, but it’s mostly because of awful scripting. She doesn’t earn a kudo.

Our Characters Suck!

Angel- Other than being crabby and his obsession with bringing Gwen into the fold over Connor’s objections to her presence, I’ve nothing to note against Angel. Though I do hope he finds a way to stop being led around by James’ suspicious behavior. No demerit.

Kate- Kate doesn’t earn an individual demerit, but she owns a large part of the group one.

Connor- Connor only shares in the group demerit.

Gwen- In addition to having a small share of the group demerit, Gwen goes the extra mile. She gains herself a Half-DEMERIT for her self-involvement that led to her ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ of Dez.

Dez- Dez only earns herself a share of the group demerit.

Team Angel [except Angel himself] shares in a DEMERIT for releasing animals out onto the city street without a thought to the fact that they could’ve been somebody’s pets, or they could be feral, or they could be diseased, or they [like a specific example right in front of their faces] could be vicious. It’s so totally irresponsible that I’m left flabbergasted.

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