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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: BTVS


Hey, Folks:

  I’m currently working on our next review, which if you’ll recall the post just before the computer was killed, is for 1957’s “The Incredible Shrinking Man” starring *le sigh* Grant Williams.

  But since I’m not done with it yet, let’s visit our series of “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments”, alright?

  Today, we’ll have two posts coming up in the Buffyverse. This one will focus on BTVS, S8, I26.

  Our focus characters today will be: Buffy, Willow, Faith, Andrew, and Giles. We also have cameo status for Kennedy, Xander, Dawn and Satsu so really the gang is all here.

Our Characters Stand Tall!

Buffy- I’m not going to issue her a kudo this time out.

Willow- I’m going to go ahead and issue a Half-KUDO to Willow for her magic-works. She’s remote teleporting entire teams to the HQ and of course, she was responsible for setting up the magical defenses.

Faith- Faith gets a Half-KUDO from me for the rather awesome move where she’s got her arms pinned behind her head by one attacking demon with another coming at her with a knife. She kicks the approaching demon, driving the knife arm upward and forcing the demon to jab deep into his own throat.

Andrew- I’m going to give Andy a Half-KUDO for improvising successfully to get his Italian Squad to safety when they were being overwhelmed in the catacombs below Rome.

Rupert- I’ve nothing to issue a kudo to Giles for this time out.

I’m going to give a general KUDO to the Scotland Squad. Under Willow’s tutelage and Xander’s supervision, despite being on the run, they did manage to heavily fortify a new base of operations in a very short amount of time. Alas for them, it isn’t enough, but the set up and execution of the defenses was faultless for as much as they knew at the time.

Which leads me to issuing an Anti-KUDO to Twilight’s organization who found a way to track the magical emanations of Willow’s defenses and the very magic creating the Slayers. That’s a neat trick, especially when paired with the firepower he can bring to bear with help from the U.S. government.

I’m also issuing a Half-Anti-KUDO to Warren for his attempt to trick Andy onto his side. It’s not possible to know just how effective it would’ve been, thanks to Amy’s jumping the gun with an attack on Andrew’s squad, but Andy was at least listening to Warren’s spiel.

Our Characters Are Limp Noodles!

Buffy- I can’t fault Buffy’s tactics here. She’s just outmatched pure and simple. No demerit.

Willow- Willow pulls out the skinning thing again against a demon to get information. I’m really disturbed by torture, and in this case, I’m really disturbed especially because of Willow’s continued flirting with the moral line. I’m issuing a Half-DEMERIT.

Faith- I’ll not issue a demerit Faith’s way.

Andrew- I don’t like how Andrew was actually listening to Warren’s spiel instead of wondering about a possible trap. We can’t know if he was actually going to fall for it, but I’m issuing a Half-DEMERIT anyway.

Giles- Rupert did make a bad call, and Faith turned out to be right, that an underground bunker wasn’t a great place to hide from demons. Staying moving would’ve been the way to go, but I also can see the merit to ducking low in a heavily fortified defensive position so I’m not issuing a demerit.

I’m issuing a Half-DEMERIT to Amy Madison for jumping the gun with no real reason to do so, except possibly to purposely undermine Warren’s plan to recover his friendship with Andrew. There was no reason she couldn’t wait to hear from Warren before starting the attack on the Italian Slayer Squad.

I'm also tempted to issue a half-demerit to Andy for even listening to Warren, but the scene doesn't really go on long enough to know what Andrew was doing or if he was really buying into Warren's accusations against the Slayers. I'm going to let him slide by, but it was a close call for me.

I’m also tempted, but am not going to do so at this time, to issue a demerit to Buffy for dragging Oz into this war without any sort of warning to him. You’ve gotta think that this is a huge disruption of his life when he’s very clearly not out there superhero-ing. I’m keeping the fallout on the ‘watch’ list to see if a demerit will be coming.

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