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Best of / Worst of Character Moments: Angel


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 It's that time again! Time for another 'Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments' posting; This time for Angel, Season 6, Issue 20 where we find out more about Dez the Jaguar Girl and begin a long, long dive into the mystery of James the supposed Angel of the Lord.

  Our focus characters who we want to make us proud this issue are: Angel, Kate and Gwen. Obvs Dez and James will also be playing larger roles, but right now we can't know if they're good guys or villains pulling a scam, so they won't be counted. Connor shows up for a few pages, too, but he's strictly cameo-material.

Our Characters -- YAY!

Angel: I've nothing this issue to grant a kudo to Angel for.

Kate: I'm also not issuing a kudo to Kate this time out.

Gwen: Gwen really works her ass off with tailing and subduing Dez in order to get answers as to what she is up to with the weird animal-men. She gets a Half-KUDO out of this one.

I also can't issue any special kudos.

Our Characters -- BOO-HISS!

Angel: Hmm, I'm not crazy about Angel's attitude in this issue. He seems unusually pissy toward everyone but it's not enough to issue any demerits.

Kate: I've no problems with Kate that will cause a demerit.

Gwen: Despite Gwen's hard work, her motives are selfish and she did tend toward unnecessarily high voltage in continually shocking Dez. Despite this though, I think she remains on this side of line, and so won't get a demerit... this time... I'm watching you, Gwen.

We have no demerits for anyone else, either.

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