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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Buffy


Time again folks for another edition of "Best of / Worst Of" in BTVS. For our character moments reviewed this time out, we're taking a look at Issue 25 -
"Living Doll" - and I'm trying really hard not to revisit my utter disappointment.

In other news first, though - I'm working on the next review which is 'Faith, Hope & Trick'. I'm also trying not to have a nervous breakdown at my sudden, brutal unemployment as of last Wednesday morning... yes, the same day the power went out and killed my computer started with my whole department [albeit only 4 people] getting axed unceremoniously as part of a "Global Restructering Plan". Well, I'm sure you can just fill in all of the exclamations/despairing utterences for yourself.

*deep calming breath* But, let's focus on our posting:

Our focus characters that we'll be judging today are: Dawn Summers, Buffy Summers, Xander Harris and Andrew Wells.

Our Characters Are Admirable!

Dawn- Well, I do like that Dawn never surrenders to her imprisonment. She keeps thinking, keeps trying to execute an escape rather than waiting for the calvary to come. She gets a Half-KUDO for that bravery.

Buffy- I'm going to give Buffy a Half-KUDO as well for not running off after Dawn when an expected attack on the HQ was imminent. You can appreciate how hard that must've been, but one threat clearly outweighed the other and Buffy stayed put just as she should've.

Xander- For the same reasoning, I can issue Xan a Half-KUDO as well. His being 'Command Central' made overseeing the defense of their HQ against an expected massive assault his duty. Despite his worry over Dawn's fate, that duty was carried out.

Andrew- Andrew also gets a Half-KUDO for bravery. He went into the belly of the beast, so to speak, in order to trap Kenny the Thrisewise. And we all know how badly Andy does in undercover work.

Our Characters Are Disappointing!

Dawn- I've nothing to issue a demerit to Dawnie for, as her major issue is her cheating and that was already covered.

Buffy- I'm not going to issue a demerit to Buffy.

Xander- I'm not going to issue a demerit to Xan, even over his clumsy big mouth.

Andrew- Andrew. So poor in the undercover work arena. He gets a Half-DEMERIT for his not very effective role playing.

I'm issuing a special Half-DEMERIT to 'Geppetto' for kidnapping and holding Dawn against her will. He thought he was doing the right thing in trying to keep her safe, but c'mon... he's not a villain, so he should've known better that whatever his personal issues, what he was doing was wrong. Dawn made it clear she didn't want to stay trapped in a work room. I'm only issuing him a half though, because he did strike me as 'off' and probably desperately lonely to boot.

I also have to issue a DEMERIT to the Judas Cradle Vampire Army... which turned out to be a half-dozen drunken vampires who were clearly too drunk to not be deeply stupid. The results of attacking Slayer HQ were not a surprise.

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