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Best of / Worst Of Character Moments: BTVS


Hey folks,

We’ve got another edition of ‘Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments’ coming your way in a moment, but first I want to share what’s coming up. I’ve got Season 10’s Buffy issue 2 review completed, except for the page scans so I’ll have that posted for you tomorrow – late in the day.

I’ve also already completed Angel’s Season 8, Issue 2’s review. I should have that posted tomorrow as well, or Thursday morning.

The next tv review will be for BTVS, Season 3, episode “Faith, Hope, and Trick”.

The next movie review will be for “The Incredible Shrinking Man” (1957). It stars the absolutely gorgeous Grant Williams, so you should prepare yourself beforehand for me doing a lot of fan-drooling. No, it won’t be pretty. No, it won’t be avoidable.

Right now, though, we have the character investigation for BTVS, S8, Issue 24, “Safe”.

Our Characters under the microscope are: Faith, Giles, and Courtney the Slayer.

Our Characters Make Us Proud!

Faith: I could issue Faith two kudos here, one for saving Giles and one for defeating the tentacle monster. I think I’m going to issue the KUDO for the diving save of Giles’ life from his former friend.

Rupert: Giles gets a KUDO for his rescue of Courtney, very nearly literally from the maw of the tentacle demon.

Courtney: I’m going to issue the newbie Slayer a Half-KUDO for her first vampire slay. She can do fine when she’s not distracted by her brain telling her how much danger she’s in.

I’ve got to issue an Anti-KUDO to Duncan Fillworthe for his scheme to protect his adopted town by drawing a Slayer army to him. No doubt he used his knowledge, experience and gravitas as a Watcher to draw the inexperienced Slayers right to him… along with that whole “you can choose to be a Slayer or no” lie. He tries to lay down a “the needs of the many outweigh” argument, but Rupert quickly sees through this justification. Duncan was just bitter about the Slayers not towing the Watcher’s lines anymore.

Our Characters Disappoint!

Faith, Slayer: I don’t know what Faith’s attitude problem is in this issue, but man she’s acting bitchy. But why she’s getting a DEMERIT is the decision to knowingly and purposely walk into a trap. Now, this is fine when it’s just her… after all, she does have experience on her side to get herself out of trouble but she’s leading a totally inexperienced Slayer with her. That is just irresponsible.

Rupert, Watcher: I’ve no demerits to issue to Giles.

Courtney, Slayer: Courtney is a bore, but that isn’t enough to earn her a demerit.

I’m issuing a DEMERIT to Duncan for turning his back on all of his Watcher training to sacrifice Slayers to a demon instead of recruiting them to help the town convince the vampires to back off. He’s a hateful, bitter man. But more his plan is unsustainable and ultimately self-defeating.

I’m also issuing a DEMERIT to Hanselstadt… every citizen in the town. I don’t even know where to start with these morons. But allowing your children down to the last to be fed on by a demon in exchange for protection from vampires is supremely stupid. Hop the train out of there! Fight back! Anything but giving your kids over; Ugh… I can’t even!


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