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Movie Reviewed: Daughter of the Tong, part 2 of 3



Scene 37: [In an awful jumpcut... film damage, I think] We're suddenly in the bathroom with Jerry. He's turned on the spigot to cover the fact that he's actually going out the window and sneaking along the ledge.

Scene 38: Meanwhile, talkative Mugsy has been left alone at the card table, goofing around. Mugsy's card companion has vanished, but he insists that he beat him even though he's playing the card game completely alone at this point.

He shouts to Jerry to come and see his winning hand. When Jerry doesn't answer, he goes into the bathroom to summon him to look at his cards that won [look, I don't know -- Mugsy is trying to be the Komedy Relief but it's just boring].

He finds Jerry gone and rushes out to raise the alarm.

Commentary: Jerry's role in all of this is entirely confused and half-assedly scripted. If he's a prisoner of some sort, then why hasn't he been released or killed upon Marion delivering the money she brought? Why was she being held instead of released or killed when she brought the money? If they were both prisoners, then why has Jerry been acting more like a semi-reluctant guest and been treated as such with the half-security measures to keep him under control. If this is the "Morgan problem" of our femme fatale, then why has there been nearly zero scenes where Carney is actually discussing the problem and what to do about it ultimately? If Jerry could always escape, then why didn't he long before dragging Marion into whatever danger he's gotten into?

On the last one, I'm hoping that he's the second agent and that Marion is actually a planted agent as well because then at least some of this sort of makes a bit of sense if you read between the lines and squint. Between these bad guys and our faux-Gallagher nearly immediately ignoring explicit instructions and butting his nose into Carney's operations in as public a spectacle as he could manage, I'm feeling like this script was NOT ready for production. In fact, I'm thinking it was just an outline scratched on a napkin the night before over too much drink.

An average score, IMDB-nauts?? How? What am I missing or confusing here?

Scene 39: In the hotel lobby, Dickson has retrieved his room key from Wong at front desk. In the meantime, we see the elevator landing at the first floor. Mugsy comes rushing out in a panic, ignoring Dickson as he gets in.

Mugsy tells his compatriots all about how he was playing cards and let Jerry get away out of the bathroom window. The gang split up to search the outside of the building.

Meanwhile Wong watches the elevator rise and stop on the 4th floor. This makes him happy [I'm assuming he was ensuring that the 'new guest' didn't go up to Carney's floor unannounced? I don't know. This was a reused shot and I haven't a clue why Wong is smiling to himself about his guest getting off of his assigned floor.]

Scene 40: Meanwhile, meanwhile, Jerry is on the sill slipping to another room with the window open. He slips in, but before he can make his escape, he hears somebody returning to the room. This is, of course, Dickson/Gallagher/Hammond.

Jerry watches Dickson take off his jacket and lay it on the bed. His attention is held by the gun also there.

While Dickson is getting a fresh shirt, Jerry makes his move and grabs the revolver. He orders Dickson to freeze, although he really did let him get much too close to entirely control this situation. As this situation is happening, one of the hotel staff hears the commotion from the hallway.

Inside, Dickson tells Jerry that he wouldn't be too confident with the gun since it isn't loaded. Jerry is distracted by glancing at the bullet chamber, allowing Dickson to punch him out. Dickson warns Jerry to cool it, while opening a satchel that Jerry was carrying on him and now dropped.

Inside is the cash that Marion delivered earlier. Jerry warns that if Dickson is thinking of stealing the cash, he won't get away with it, while Dickson counters that Jerry thought he would - so why not?

Commentary: Please see my previous comment about Jerry's entire purpose in this film! What is he doing with the money Marion delivered to his abductors?? What is the "problem" that this cash was supposed to be solving?

I'm SO CONFUSED by this half-plotted story! And where did Jerry think he was going to go when the Hotel is full of thugs? And does he remember that Marion is a hostage? Did he just assumed that she was dead, anyway? WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT

And where is my touch of horror that would at least let me pretend that this would be a "Night Scream" type movie?

Oh, Mill Creek... you and I have such a rocky relationship but I can't seem to just walk away.

Scene 41: So, Dickson is counting Jerry's loot when Carney suddenly comes in with her own gun drawn -- presumably summoned by the hotel worker who overheard ... something... that made him feel like the boss needed to know.

Dickson is ordered to drop the gun he's still holding now.


First, Carney wants to know where Jerry is. Then Jerry stands up from the floor and she asks if he's being hasseled by faux-Gallagher which means she knows who Jerry is... but uh... not what he looks like? Except, her thugs were keeping him as prisoner? Or my second gang theory is correct, but she allows them to do their own thing in her base of operations??


So Jerry states that he didn't realize he'd come into the wrong room and it was all a mistake. Carney tells them both that they better not make any more mistakes, or else. SO - DID SHE 'HIRE' GALLAGHER WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT HE LOOKED LIKE!? SHE DOESN'T APPEAR TO KNOW DICKSON/GALLAGHER/HAMMOND!

Dickson gives her some back lip because he apparently doesn't know Carney either. His phone rings and Carney tells him to answer the phone, after she's relieved him of the cash in his hands. Dickson answers, tells her that the call is personal business and she orders Jerry to come with her as they leave.


Commentary: Jeezzus... WHAT IN FUCKING HELL IS GOING ON IN THIS HOTEL WITH THESE PEOPLE?! She's the worst crime lord ever. And our 'agent' has done nothing but rescue some random girl he'd met at the bus depot, and nearly by accident. I don't understand what is happening with our plot, what Jerry thought he was doing, why Carney isn't dealing with him and whatever vague problem he was causing, where Marion has vanished to and why nobody is informing somebody that she's slipped away but mostly I'm just utterly confused about what Carney knows and doesn't know is going on under her own roof.

Really, IMDB? 5.2??

This whole thing is so... ARRRRGGGGGHHHH. I just want to quit this flick and say FUCK IT. But, I did force myself to sit through the completion of "Midnight Phantom" and that was excruciating - so onward - g'ddammit, onward.

Scene 42: On the phone, Marion has decided to seek help from her depot stranger/possible stalker and asks that he meet her.

Scene 43: A short time later, Dickson has joined Marion at her car on a public corner. He brings up whether she's still looking for Jerry and then informs her of what he witnessed. He convinces her to go with him uptown to seek more help.

Commentary: Oh. I'm not sure how to feel about Marion, here. After being abducted and held, I'm not sure if I admire that she's staying to public venues, or if it's dumb specifically because she's obvs dealing with mobsters who aren't known for their restraint. And, having made an escape, isn't she worried about the punishment that will be heaped onto Jerry?

I'm going to give the script some credit and assume right now that Marion isn't trustful of local police and that's why she's trying to rescue Jerry [the nature of their relationship is being kept deliberately vague so I'm assuming he'll turn out to be her brother and not her husband so Dickson can be pleasantly shocked when Marion hooks up with him later]. I can even buy that she'd contact Dickson out of desperation for help, considering he did just liberate her.

What I'm having a hard time figuring out is how Dickson/Gallagher/Hammond is being given SO much freedom to come and go as he chooses, when supposedly Carney is ready to send him off on a 'dirty works' mission. He mostly seems to just be hanging around, left to his own devices.


Scene 44: Dickson has brought Marion to the FBI [which apparently is completed unmarked in any way because Marion doesn't know where they are until he tells her]. She supposes that she's now under arrest and he replies only technically [but doesn't go into detail about what charge... I think it'd be more sensible to tell her "No, but you are a material witness and will be in our custody for the time being" and then let it go at that].

They're joined by our two other FBI agents who assigned Dickson this mission. At first, Marion denies needing assistance but Dickson rats out that she's connected to Carney via a guy being held by her with a briefcase full of money.

Marion is invited to sit her ass down.

Marion is still distrustful as she doesn't want to get Jerry arrested by the FBI but she's assured that they're only really interested in Carney. She's convinced after Dickson points out that even if Jerry had to be arrested at some point, it'll be much better than what Carney will end up doing to him.

Commentary: BASED ON WHAT? Oh, my jeezus. Jerry is being held and was forced to get some money. That is it, so far. He hasn't been abused, he hasn't been tied up, he hasn't been threatened with death... it's like they're making him enjoy his stay while something else is going on but Carney doesn't actually want to harm him at all. God, I'm hating this... everything.

We finally start getting details: Jerry is Marion's brother [nailed it] and was Carney's partner in the Import business. He didn't know that she was using his business as a front for a smuggling operation [okay -- so she absolutely does know about everything that is happening with Jerry, which makes Carney's complete hands off attitude and some of her actual scenes or those of her immediate thugs completely nonsensicle in retrospect... the writing is awful on this script].

Jerry tried to quit when he'd found out about Carney's operation and was threatened with death. After some negotiation, Carney allowed that he could buy his way out from under her. Except, something happened between the time that Jerry contacted her to bring the money for him and now because things have gone off the rails of the plan.

Dickson informs his boss, he can return to Carney with this new information. The new plan is to somehow maneuver Jerry into Carney's private apartment and then throw her off her game into admitting something damning that will seal her conviction.

There is no discussion as to why Jerry and Marion aren't already dead. Bosses give Dickson 90 minutes to get what they need, otherwise they'll take their chances with a raid and hope they find enough to tie Carney to everything that Jerry may have to say.

Commentary: Again, the script doesn't clarify anything but the idea I'm pretty sure is that right now Carney has everything set up to look like Jerry is the one responsible for the criminal enterprise. This may... perhaps... explain why she's not quick to get rid of him; It could be she needs time to set up another patsy to replace him and thereby keeping her hands clean in the eyes of a court of law. Now that we have Marion's testimony, things can make sense again --- but I'm not letting the script out of my contempt: The deliberate confusion sowed to set up Carney as the mastermind isn't clever with misdirection or hidden alliances, it's just stupid and has people acting in ways they wouldn't just to keep the audience from knowing the story until our "brilliant FBI" can explain it all to us - which the script then fucks up anyway by having Marion be a Deux Ex Well-Informed-Blabbermouth.

But, I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel so let's pick up our pace a bit. Oh, and I'm ignoring that Marion seems awfully happy and grinning with Dickson even though her brother is still in horrible danger. No doubt to let us know that she may be seeing something in Dickson that she didn't before... *vomit*.

Scene 45: Back at the Oriental Hotel, Dickson grabs his key to make his way back upstairs. He happens to pass our faux-blind man on the way in the lobby. Since boss already mentioned he was going to contact the second undercover agent for backup, it's possible that faux-blind-man is indeed our other agent in hiding... or he's a red herring.

We get another half-shot of Wong watching the elevator rise.

Scene 46: Dickson skips his own floor this time and proceeds to the 5th. He's stopped by desk thug but a quick punch puts him out [Dickson sure does have an iron fist].

Although, how this helps his "infiltration and getting Carney to admit to something criminal" isn't explained.

Scene 47: Mr. Wong meanwhile very suddenly brings out a gun at the desk and looks like he means business.

Scene 48: Dickson sneaks into Carney's apartment, where she's money counting. At the same time, her thug accuses Jerry of trying to make a run for it. Jerry denies it, simply stating that everyone knew he kept the money in his room and he was scared of somebody coming in and highjacking it.

[Yeah, okay, Jerry. You lie like Dean Winchester and Buffy Summers --- badly under pressure.]

As Dickson is listening in on all of this [which will now make all of this evidence inadmissible, unless the law gave a lot more leeway to the FBI during this period, which I'm completely willing to believe considering the mobsters were out of control and warring with one another openly on the streets], thug outside of Carney's apartment comes to.

Meanwhile, Jerry is continuing that he was just looking for a safer place to hide out... in the hotel, though I'm sure. He asks what the big deal is since Carney has her money anyway and he wants to get on his way. She assures him that his transportation has already been arranged by her... stated in such a way to be highly suspicious that Jerry is going where he wants to go.

Jerry has the audacity to be shocked that the mobsters aren't letting him walk away with everything he knows.

Thug outside Carney's apartment continues to stir.

Scene 49: Thug, having come around, pulls out his gun [which crack agent Dickson didn't relieve him of] and rushes into Carney's private apartment. He sticks it in Dickson's back. But Dickson is quick on his reaction times and grabs Thug's arm, sending him flying into Carney's apartment.

Dickson spins only to find Wong has joined the party with his own gun drawn. He marches Dickson before an annoyed Carney before leaving again, his work done here.

Carney is pissy before Mugsy identifies their new intruder as Gallagher, the swell criminal they'd spent so much money to get there. Dickson turns on his weak-attempt at charm. Carney orders that the oft-talked about Lefty be brought in to positively identify Dickson/Gallagher as who he claims to be.

Dickson now acts pissy and demands to stop being interrogated by the secretary and demands to meet Carney... which, she now admits to being. He pretends to be chagrined and fascinated by her.

Blind Man from the lobby is marched into Carney's apartment. This would be Lefty and he's asked to identify Gallagher.

Lefty confirms that Gallagher is the man he knew in Atlanta; Dickson is relieved. Carney now assigns Dickson his task -- helping Jerry Morgan resign permanently from her organization. She hands Dickson his gun back, but he uses this to grab Jerry and his money and to warn off the gangsters surrounding Carney's desk.

Commentary: Because he's so fucking stupid, he couldn't just slip Jerry out of the Hotel to 'take care of him' and then rush him to FBI HQ where Jerry could be pressured to spill every detail he knows about Carney's operation. No...  no, he must pull some half-assed rescue attempt that involves pointing a single gun at a roomful of other guns.

I hate you, George H. Plympton.

Scene 50: However, it turns out that the joke is on Dickson again. Carney got a wrong vibe from "Gallagher" and while he was distracted, she'd been unloading his bullets into her lap. [I love you, Carney.]


She orders her henchthugs to take Dickson into captivity, but then Lefty a.k.a. Faux-Blind-Man and apparently a.k.a. Second Undercover Agent we've heard mention so many times, turns off the lights to sow confusion.

This allows Dickson and Jerry to slip out of the brawl and make a run for it. Lefty returns to the apartment and joins in the wild brawling.

Commentary: And our good guys, being ever so clever, take the elevator. Ugh. Somebody was absolutely IN LOVE with this elevator, which I'm more than half convinced is actually not one, but only a prop.

Scene 51: Carney makes her way to the light switch and then turns on her crew - discovering they were brawling among themselves - for being fools. Carney warns the front desk that Jerry and 'Gallagher' are on the move and are to be stopped.

They rush off... also not using the staircases, but waiting impatiently for the elevator.

Scene 52: Meanwhile, Lefty has stayed behind. Where he fiddles with something in his pocket....

Scene 53: From the elevator, Jerry and Dickson rush out into the basement. They confront two of Carney's thugs looking for them. There is fistfighting.

As the brawl is ongoing, we keep cutting to Carney and her two bodyguards waiting impatiently for the elevator to return.

[It's easily as pointless as you may think.]

The brawling continues.

Commentary: Again, our crack agent acts deeply stupid in an attempt to get him and his future-star-witness killed instead of just staying hidden for 20 seconds. I HATE this script.

Scene 54: Jerry and Dickson are finally able to make it out into an alley where Dickson had left Marion's borrowed car.

Our villains give chase.


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