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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: BTVS


And, we’re back! Welcome to another edition of “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments” in Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s season 8 comic. This issue, we’ll take a closer look at #23 … and I can tell you it won’t be pretty.

Oh, yes, there will be demerits.

Our Characters of interest in this adventure are: Andrew & Buffy… together… traveling….

But before we dig into our issue, this is the one where Andrew and Buffy race after Simone to bring the rogue Slayer in. It’s also the one where I’m so disappointed with Andy and Buffy by the end that I’m having trouble calling them the ‘heroes’ of this piece. I hate that.

Our Characters Impress!

Buffy S.- Buffy pulls out some sweet moves with Simone, but this is countered by her bad habit of walking directly into traps without adequate preparation. Basically, it’s very possible that Italy Squad following after their Watcher saved her and Andrew’s ass. So at the end of the issue, I can’t give her a kudo.

Andrew W.- Despite my anger at Andy in regards to his “recreate extinct demons and then keep it secret” debacle, I’m still willing to give him a Half-KUDO for offering to Buffy to accept the trade of getting the demons back into Buffy’s hands in exchange for himself in Simone’s. His thoughts are of what she could do with the demon, if she gains control of it or the innocents it could kill if it finds its way free. I’m always a sucker for self-sacrifice, even when it’s vetoed.

Say what you want about Simone – and, oh how I hate her – and her team, they nevertheless succeeded in taking over a whole island and stymied Buffy’s attempts to get them under control. I’d say that’s worth a group Anti-KUDO.

Italy Squad! They arrived just when they needed and they did it out of loyalty to Andrew Wells as their annoying, but valued Watcher… they get a group KUDO.

Our Characters Mess Up!

Buffy the Slayer- For the same reasoning described above, I’ll not issue Buffy a demerit. I think she’s earned slightly more demerity-stuff than kudoey-stuff but not enough to reach a half-demerit, so I’m just counting everything as washing out.

Andrew the Squad Leader- ANDREW WELLS! NO MORE MAD-SCIENCE! Andy, unshockingly, gets such a huge DEMERIT for bringing a dangerous, demonic spider back from extinction because… because… look, he’s an idiot who made a really bad choice. (He thought he could use the Ragna Spider Demon as a bloodhound for whatever reason --- like I said, he’s an idiot making bad choices.)

I have to give a DEMERIT to the Italian government: What the hell are you all waiting for!? STORM THE ISLAND WITH HEAVY FIREPOWER!

I am very unhappy with the Italian Squad not pushing their advantage against Simone’s Slayers – but I can sorta see their argument to withdraw for the moment. My unhappiness however results in their getting a Half-DEMERIT.

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