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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Buffy S8


Welcome to another evening (well, if you live in Michigan, you’re going into evening) and another edition of “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments”. Now, last night our focus was on Angel in the aftermath of L.A.’s return from Wolf, Ram & Hart’s Hell-Angeles ploy.

Tonight, therefore, will be a Buffy-night. We’ll be taking a closer inspection of our supposedly heroic characters from BTVS, Season 8, Issue 22… “Swell”.

Our focus characters in this issue are: Satsu and Kennedy. The issue does have Buffy and Xander, but they’re strictly cameo [so, our main focus is an OC and a Bitca… ‘swell’, indeed – thankfully, I can report that the issue was a funny, fluffy plot and Kenn didn’t leave me wanting her comatose].

Our Characters Are Kick-Ass!

Satsu, the Slayer: I’m not going to issue Satsu an individual kudo because I intend to issue a group one, in which she’ll share.

Kennedy, the Slayer: Kennedy is in the same boat – she doesn’t do enough to earn a kudo on her own that can’t be covered by the group kudo.

I’m issuing a group KUDO to the Japan Slayer Contingent [I do not like the idea of referring to them as ‘cells’] for their stopping the Vamp Cat plot with some good old fashioned detective work, some corporate office coordinated raiding, and the usual Slayer prowess.

I’m going to issue a Half-Anti-KUDO to the Vampy Cat plot. It was a clever idea to use their ‘cuteness’ as a way to go undercover and then possess Slayers to warp their cause.

Our Characters Are Lame-Ass!

Satsu, still Slaying: I’ve no problems with Satsu in this issue.

Kennedy, still Slaying: My only complaint with Kennedy this time out, is her rather buttinski attitude about butting into Satsu’s personal business. But, I understand why she feels the need to intervene and it comes from a place of caring. And, she isn’t obnoxious enough for a demerit.

I have to issue a special DEMERIT to the Vampy Cats – they were just so clumsy about this plot that led to their undoing. They didn’t even try to impersonate their possessed Slayer to pass unnoticed, they are targeting a location due to outmoded information, and they left their origin HQ with no security including data security allowing the raiding Slayers to easily find what they needed to intervene. The whole thing was just a clusterfuck of bad decisions.

I’m also issuing a DEMERIT to Twilight for this rather ham-handed attempt to strike the Slayers. Clearly, this wasn’t really a well thought out idea, but more of a ‘why not, throw it in’ plan. It was simply silly.

I’m also issuing a Half-DEMERIT to the media again [in the guise this time of Larry King], for not asking any questions of Harmony about WHY Slayers would be bothering to attack mere toys; instead they just accept her dubious claims that Slayers are just cray-cray like that, yo. C’mon assholes, do your jobs.

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