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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel, #19


Hey there!

In an effort to make up in some small way for not posting anything all weekend, I’m going to try to get out several “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments” postings. We’ve already visited with Angel #18 and now here we’ll take a closer look at Angel, S6, Issue 19.

Our characters of particular focus this time are: Angel, Kate, Gwen & Connor.

Our Characters Rock the Cool!

Angel- Once again this evening, I’m afraid I cannot issue a kudo to the title character. C’mon, Angel – give me something!

Kate- I’m again going to issue a Half-KUDO [last one on this score though, Kate] for her obviously having done a lot of work to ready herself for going up against monsters before starting to actually do it. She’s become far more efficient in hand-to-hand than she was as a police detective.

Gwen- I know that Gwen is trying really hard to be of value so she can reconnect with Connor, but he and Kate didn’t really need her assistance. She earns no kudo with this issue’s attempt.

Connor- I’ve found nothing for which to issue a kudo to Connor, either.

I’m issuing a special Half-KUDO to Dez, the shapeshifting cat person for her very clever ruse to turn the former Lords of Los Angeles against one another and divert their attention from constantly sending assassin after assassin against Angel and eventually Connor.

Our Characters Are Idiots!

Angel- Angel doesn’t earn any demerits, although it does seem like he’s a little too ready to follow Dez without enough facts about her or what she is up to.

Kate- I won’t issue a demerit against Kate, either.

Gwen- Gwen is being extremely annoying for Connor. After her betrayal in Hell, it isn’t a shock that they are OVER but she’s not yet Stalker-Girl, despite Connor’s accusation. I’ll refrain from issuing a demerit.

Connor- It’s hard to argue with Connor’s anger. Some of his words were pretty nasty, but I’m not giving him a demerit.

I’ve no special demerits to issue to anyone this time out.

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