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Wacky Dreaming.


Y’know, usually my ‘wacky dreaming’ segments are reserved for dreams which somehow touch on BTVS, AtS, or SPN. That’s really what this category was being dedicated to, and it’s what I’m going to mostly include there upon the occasion when I have an interesting night.

But on Tue. And Wed. I had dreams that featured two other actors and they’ve not left my mind so I’m going to just post them both here and hopefully that will make them move on [not that the first dream was bad or anything, but since I just don’t see myself revisiting it in dreamland I wish my mind would let it go].


The dream revolved around Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens on Justified. I’ve never had any other dreams about Tim, nor Raylan, nor Justified so I have no idea what prompted my mind to visit the setting on Tuesday. I haven’t seen any commercials yet for the next season or anything that would explain it.

Anyway, Raylan was in some sort of major trouble with somebody powerful which involved some expertly done frame up. He was being searched for by local, state and federal authorities and the U.S. Marshall Service were also involved in a manhunt for him. They wanted him in custody both to protect him from the other lawmen [I had the impression in dream that an unofficial ‘shoot to kill’ policy had been enacted and the Marshalls were trying to prevent this from being acted upon]. Raylan couldn’t go to his pals in the Service though, because they were just as convinced as everyone else that Raylan had gone over the deep end and gotten involved in something really bad… I figured that it involved a murder, considering the attention things were getting, but I didn’t ask Raylan for details.

Raylan and I apparently went way back under circumstances that my dream self vaguely recalled. It had something to do with mutual life saving under circumstances that brought to mind Raylan’s current dilemma but Dream!Harsens-Rob didn’t have detailed memories of what it was all about for Real!Harsens-Rob upon waking.

Anyway, Dream!Harsens-Rob was also madly in love with Raylan, which the lawman was well aware of and accepted, but they were feelings that weren’t returned since Raylan was definitely and wholeheartedly straight. He only considered harsens-rob to be a very close and dear friend, something that Dream!Harsens was aware of and accepted. Both wished that the other would feel something more/less, but they’d settled into a comfortable relationship, regardless. [I can’t explain this part either, because while I don’t find Timothy unattractive by any stretch, I also don’t have a thing for him. I watch Justified for the stories, not for him or necessarily for his character.]

So, trying to get Raylan out of Harlan, KY and then trying to find a safe spot to hole up for a while wasn’t an easy task for Harsens, because Raylan had been seriously injured in a previous confrontation. He was barely able to walk hunched over because of damage to his rib cage. Dream!Harsens-Rob was also pretty sure that there was some internal bleeding going on, but Raylan insisted he’d be okay as long as the bad guys didn’t find him.

Harsens decided that if they were going to escape, they needed to head outside of the borders of the U.S. and get lost somewhere, because there was no way they were going to keep out of sight of every law enforcement agency across the country for long. Raylan agreed, but his car was already confiscated and Dream!Harsens didn’t own one. The solution of course was to steal one; One which would have a large enough back seat for Raylan to stay out of sight and to rest his injuries.

This plan was put into practice, with Raylan becoming more and more useless as far as actually helping the escape as he kept wanting to lapse out of consciousness.

So, they end up at a dealership in the middle of the night – except the overhead lights were so bright that it may as well have been day. [Because that is the perfect set up for car stealing, amiright?]

A car was selected, and it was one of those that are on a metal showcase frame sitting above the other cars in the lot, in order to attract potential customers’ eyes as they drove by… y’know what I mean? [Because, of course if you were going to steal a car, you’d pick one that was front and center… perfect sense.]

The car, which Dream!Harsens-Rob identified as a Packard but was actually a 1940’s Plymouth Sedan [I looked it up and this is THE CAR in the dream] was copper colored with creamy white interior. [Because not only is stealing a front and center car designed to draw attention completely logical, but a 1940’s Classic Car would blend right into traffic on the freeway, amiright?]

So, Dream-Harsens gets the automobile down the ramps, hotwires the ignition, gets Raylan settled into the back seat and then gets into the driver’s seat for the trip south. The plan was to sneak across the border and then make our way down to a South American country whose name Dream!Harsens-Rob could not come up with. A great portion of the next part of the dream was focused on the fact that I couldn’t remember the fucking country’s name. I kept thinking Peru, but that wasn’t it and it was really bugging me that I couldn’t recall the nation that I’d meant.

[Upon waking, the country in question was Bolivia, I realized.]

The next part of this is unclear: Either there was a time-skip within the dream, or I actually started to wake up because of my counterpart’s consternation at not being able to recall the country I meant to tell Raylan we were going to escape to and it was enough to jar me. If it was the latter [I have a very hazy impression that I did roll over in bed], I may have been waking but then settled back down before the dream was broken.

Either way, we picked up sometime later than when we were at the car dealership. It had been enough time that we were now in South America [YAY to easy escapes via off-screen teleportation] but I’m unclear whether we were in Venezuela or Columbia. I do know that we were in very heavy forests, still in the inconspicuous copper-colored 1940’s Packard/Plymouth Sedan.

We were in a guerilla encampment and Raylan was well on the way to mending in a tent. The Main Dude was very cooperative with me on arranging an escort for us to the border of the unremembered-country-that-wasn’t-fucking-Peru-and-why-won’t-you-get-out-of-my-head [which is also known as Bolivia, you darned brain].

Another time skip forward and we were at the border of the above named/unnamed country. The rebel leader now looked very much like Gregory Sierra … [this casting does make sense, because he was a guest star in the recent ‘Best of / Worst Of… X-Files’ “The Jersey Devil”]. I hugged Gregory-stand-in good bye and had the impression that we’d become lifelong friends, even though neither of us thought we’d see one another again. I was teary.

I turned to Raylan who was still unsteady on his feet but looked a lot better and said, “Welcome to…,” and then I still couldn’t remember where we were and it bugged the shit out of me.

That is when I actually did wake up for reals, still being really annoyed that I couldn’t think of Bolivia to save my life while in the dream.


Before we even start just let me say that this dream is more fragmented and that upon waking a lot of it didn’t make sense, even in context of the dream so don’t expect explanations as to why I did/didn’t do something that would have made more sense. Dream!Illogic was on full display, is the only answer I have for you.

I lived in an apartment or duplex [I know there was only one neighbor directly beneath us – on older woman who lived alone] in a semi-rundown area of some anonymous city. I had two roommates, both girls and a German Shepherd. Somehow, the dog [who had no name in the dream] came down with a rather virulent strain of rabies that went undetected until he’d become insane and me and the two roommates were in a Cujo style situation. All of the inside-the-apartment scenes occurred in one room – the kitchen.

We were all trying desperately to stay on the dog’s good side because he seemed to be inconstant in his behavior and we didn’t know what was going to set him off. One of the roommates had already been injured in some way, but it wasn’t by dog bite. She was sitting on the floor, pale as a ghost and moaning occasionally but was otherwise unconscious.

We couldn’t get to the front door and we couldn’t pick up the phone immediately because every movement had the Shepherd growling at us and threatening to launch into a violent attack. It also seems like the new, ultra-virulent rabies also drastically increased the dog’s intelligence because it could seemingly almost read our intentions and Dream!Harsens-Rob was actually afraid that he was reading our thoughts. [Neither one of my roommates were anyone that I know, but I’m pretty sure that the currently passed out, injured roommate was based off of a college friend named Harriet.]

Most of this dream involved Harsens-Rob cowering on the floor trying to keep the dog calm, even while stuck watching his symptoms get worse as we waited for the inevitable conclusion. The Shepherd’s eyes were red and he had blood pooled under the bottom eyelids as part of this new rabies he’d contracted. As the dream went on, he was becoming more and more likely to launch himself at me or the roommates every time we shifted, but he’d not yet bitten any of us. I was particularly scared during one incident when he’d come and laid his open mouth against my knee and threatened me with biting through my jeans and sinking his teeth into my kneecap, but then he just as inexplicably backed off and laid down but never closed his eyes… he just stared and waited….

Now is the part of the dream where things got really confused and fragmented: At some point, the Shepherd was outside again and leading one of the roommates through a local outdoor market space. The dog was still infected at this point, but this may have been a flashback to earlier because his eyes weren’t blood-rimmed or discolored though he was still seemingly preternaturally intelligent and aware. [I was stuck in the apartment still, so this part of the dream was in third person.  It indicates that I may have been involved in a movie? I’m not sure, because the “scenes” in the apartment with the dog felt like “real life” but now I was following Roommate as an outside observer.]

At the apartment, where Dream!Harsens was stuck I still didn’t try to leave the apartment or phone for help. I have the impression that I knew that German Shepherd would kill Roommate if he found that we were missing from the apartment when he’d gotten back or something. [Again, this was all really weird, fragmented and illogical upon seeing it in the light of day.]

Roommate was trying to subtly indicate to those around her that she was in danger, but under the terrifying gaze of the dog, she couldn’t make a run for it or do anything overt to indicate her distress.

Now, our guest actor arrived on the scene. This was CCH Pounder. [Why? I have no idea. I love her work as an actress, but I haven’t seen anything recently that would’ve put her in my head before bed.]

[At this point, Dream!Harsens-Rob recognized CCH as a character actress playing the part of the bitter neighborhood woman, as if this whole thing was a movie. But again, when the focus shifted back to the apartment with the dog, it felt very much like it was happening and not a movie set on which I was acting as a character so the whole thing is a mess in my head.]

CCH Pounder-as-Bitter-Neighborhood-Woman confronted Roommate angrily about her causing the death of somebody that CCH Pounder was close to. I’m not sure if it was a husband or a son, but apparently she felt that Roommate was an active participant in this relation’s “murder” but was never punished for it. [I got the distinct impression that this wasn’t a death caused by the dog, but I do know that the animal killed the neighbor downstairs which is why we couldn’t draw attention from downstairs for help. That doesn’t explain why we took no action while the dog was out of the apartment, except for the general fear of the animal’s response with Roommate and the weird 1st/3rd person POV swap happening and the “the dog isn’t that sick yet” thing that caused me to see this part of the dream as a flashback to earlier if it wasn’t only a movie… ugh… CONFUSING.]

Roommate tried to convince CCH that something was definitely wrong and that she was in trouble, but CCH’s character was too pissed and bitter and hateful to notice. Finally, the Shepherd grabbed Roommate’s wrist and led her away back to the Apartment of Entrapment where me and Harriet-stand-in were still waiting for rescue/death.

Suddenly, we were back in the apartment and it was no longer in third person and wasn’t feeling like this was a movie, again. And now the Roommate whose movements the dogged controlled now did have a wound on her wrist from the market scene where he’d clamped down to lead her away.

Dream!Harsens-Rob was very nervous now, because he was thinking to himself that soon he’d have to survive and protect Harriet-stand-in-Roommate from both already erratic Shepherd and soon-to-be sickening Roommate who was already pale, sweaty and breathing in pants.

Sometime later, Harriet-stand-in was suddenly at the phone. Apparently she had flipped out under the pressure or something because she was screaming for help into the phone and I was trying desperately to convince Shepherd that everything was okay and there wasn’t a problem so that he wouldn’t attack. Apparently he wasn’t so smart that he’d realized that she was talking to police to summon help so he stood confused, but still hostile and barking and threatening.

Harriet-stand-in suddenly shoved the phone into my hand as she collapsed onto the floor in wild sobs and screams while Shepherd continued to bark, growl and threaten to charge us.

Police Guy on the phone didn’t believe Harriet-stand-in, because she was hysterical and he took it to be a wild prank. I told him in no uncertain terms that we needed a SWAT team to kill our dog or he’d end up killing us. Police Guy still sounded doubtful that he wasn’t being made a fool of, despite the screaming and the barking. I shouted at him that he was killing us by not sending somebody to kill our diseased dog.

At that point, Shepherd did launch himself at us. He didn’t bite us, but he did clearly threaten to rip into cowering Harriet-stand-in’s face if I didn’t put the phone down. So, I did this, but instead of hanging up I left it on the counter so that Police Guy could continue to hear over the phone what was going on. I could only hope that he’d realize that we weren’t lying about our predicament and that somebody with guns would arrive before German Shepherd finally lost it and mauled us.

By this point, Shepherd’s symptoms now included the classic mouth foam which was being spittled on us as he continued to bark and snarl only inches from our faces. Meantime, across the room, other Roommate was breathing shallow and in rapid panting and appeared unconscious. Harriet-stand-in continued to cower and scream and I started crying as I was sure at this point that even if Police Guy [and I know that this was a guest voice actor, but I cannot for the life of me remember who it was other than it was another character actor whose name I wouldn’t know straight off, but who I could’ve looked up now if I’d only recognized upon waking up where I’d seen/heard him before] suddenly took our plight seriously, there seemed not enough time for the SWAT team to rescue us, as Shepherd was not to be calmed down this time.

At this point, I’m relatively sure that in the real world I actually gasped out loud because I heard a loud gasp in my dream and then I was actually awake. I think I woke myself up by making a real-world noise.

When I woke up my heart was pounding a mile a minute, so that may be why my brain keeps dwelling on it. Or maybe I’m just still trying to narratively resolve the 1st/3rd person confusion.

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