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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: The X-Files


And, as mentioned last time – we have our second “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments” posting for the series The X-Files. This episode revolves around a ghostly presence protecting a former employee of his using deadly force. I present, “Shadows”… but, um, it should really only be a shadow and not even that… maybe a better name would be “Invisible” or “Distortion” or “Grave Protection”.

Anyway, our focus characters are again and only Fox and Dana.

Our Characters Are Keen!

Fox: I can’t find anything for which to issue a kudo to Mulder.

Dana: I liked the clever way that Dana used sympathy for something she didn’t believe in to get Lauren to reveal what was going on. But it wasn’t enough to earn a kudo.

I’m giving Ghostly Howard Graves a KUDO for protecting the life of oblivious Lauren twice. Was it necessary to use deadly force? Probably not. But since the bad guys were a set of terrorists and then a pair of assassins, I’m not going to be judgey about it.

Our Characters Are Jerks!

Fox: Fox slips by this time without a demerit because his lying to the CIA agents seeking his expertise was after they blatantly refused to be cooperative with his basic questions.

Dana: Dana doesn’t earn any demerit, although I was embarrassed for her having to engage in a fight to the death with her [unsupernaturally] stuck seat belt.

Honestly, I don’t understand the preoccupation this show has with government agents lying or hiding what they know when such actions are serving no practical purpose and only sows inter-agency distrust. I’m issuing special Half-DEMERITS to our two CIA Agents who ask for FBI X-Files assistance and then refuse to answer the most basic questions related to receiving such help. It’s stupid for no purpose.

I’m also issuing a special full DEMERIT to the Philadelphia Police for an extremely poor job of canvassing for possible evidence in the mysterious deaths of a couple of radicals in an alley. To be specific, they somehow manage to not check out an ATM camera right around the corner from the incident.

I have to issue a DEMERIT to Lauren for not stepping forward a lot sooner about the illegal arms to the radical Isfahan group way before she did… like right after the sailors in Florida were killed, or if she really felt she had to protect her boss’ confidence then after he’d died.


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