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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: X-Files


Good evening folks!

Tonight’s “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments” will actually have two posts, both of them the latest episodes reviewed for The X-Files. I like to let episode reviews sit for a while before I do the ‘character moments’ investigations so that I can see them with a fresh eye not jaundiced by any emotional reactions that I had during the review, but I really let The Jersey Devil sit a bit ridiculously long. So tonight we’ll be starting with that episode and then I’ll also be posting an entry for Shadows.

As per usual this early in The X-Files, our focus characters remain Fox Mulder and Dana Scully for the time being. I’ve started thinking I should just include the one-time guest characters if they take up a significant proportion of time, but I kinda already started this and I don’t want to change my criteria mid-stream. Be assured though that we’ll start getting some recurring characters later that we can include [although so many of them then turn out to be dead, actually evil or severely compromised that we may still have the Fox & Dana show a LOT of the time].

Our Agents Are Supreme!

Fox – I cannot find anything remarkable for which to issue a kudo.

Dana – Dana does little throughout the episode, and what she does doesn’t earn a kudo.

I’m not going to issue any special kudos, but I did like Ranger Pete and was glad he ended up on our agent’s side.

Our Agents Are Dunderheads!

Mulder- Once again and always, Fox cannot interact with local law enforcement without making a tense situation hostile by being combative and accusatory with zero evidence of anything untoward on the authority’s behalf. He gets another Half-DEMERIT for making solving any cases more difficult for himself and his partner. [Especially in this case, where it isn’t a Federal matter and he has no jurisdiction whatever for bumping up against the local Detective’s case.]

Scully- Scully avoids the pitfalls of Fox and she doesn’t do anything dumb so she doesn’t earn a demerit.

I’m issuing a special Half-DEMERIT to Detective Wayne Thompson for being an unmitigated asshat before anyone has given him any reason to be.  I don’t know what stick he had up his ass, but nice way to alienate a federal agency whose assistance you may need at some future point over nothing.

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