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Supernatural Reviewed: "Home"


Season 1, Episode 9



Written by: Eric Kripke
DIR: Ken Girotti

Blurb: After 22 years, Sam and Dean return to their childhood home. Now another beautiful young mother lives there - and, if Sam's nightmares are correct, she may be threatened by the same evil that killed Mary Winchester.

Scene 01: After our quick-review of the road so far, we open in Lawrence, Kansas. We pan across a floor through a living room that is haphazardly furnished and has boxes still sitting and waiting.

We join a woman sitting on the floor and unpacking a box, where she stares at her wedding photo and smiles through tears. She's startled from her revery by her daughter coming into the room. Upon being questioned as to why she's not in bed, little girl states that something is in her closet. Mom gives her a "yeah, okay... sure" smile.

Scene 02: In Daughter's bedroom, mom opens up the closet and looks at us. The closet is the generous size of a small bathroom.

Mom turns around with a smile and points out to Daughter that there isn't anything to worry about in there. Our POV is suggesting otherwise. Mother tucks Daughter back in.

Daughter tells her mother that she doesn't like the house. Mom tells her that she's just not used to it yet, but assures her that they and Daughter's brother [as yet unseen] will be very happy there. Before Mother is allowed to exit, Daughter makes her move a chair in front of the closet door.

Scene 03: Back in the living room, Mother goes on with her unpacking to the light of the single lamp on the floor with her.

She starts hearing a pitter-patter along the floor near her, but doesn't see anything to explain it. She stares at the floor and wonders if rats are underneath the floorboards. She isn't pleased at the prospect.

Scene 04: Mother proceeds to the basement to look for signs of her apparent rodent problem with a flashlight. Naturally when she tries the basement lights, none of them will come on. It's okay though, the street lamps outside are of the preternaturally bright sort that is able to provide more than enough light through a casement window.

Scene 05: Upstairs, the chair in front of Daughter's door starts to slide away on its own. Daughter sits up with a start, only to actually see the chair sliding away from the closet door....

Scene 06: In the basement, Mother continues looking around for her rodents, or whatever could have caused the pitter-patter noises. She becomes distracted from this pursuit by a old, wooden box and opens it up. What she finds is some memorebilia of John Winchester, back when he used to grin happily.

Commentary: Yeah, in keeping with Supernatural's mission statement this episode is also starting with a cliche storm before they introduce the Winchester spin on things. Hold on gang.

Scene 07: Upstairs, Daughter is horrified as the bedroom door slowly creaks open. We swap POV between Daughter being frozen in her bed watching the closet doors opening and POV from within the closet seeing her.

Scene 08: In the basement, Mother is looking through personal photos of John and Mary when they were happy together.

One photo of the entire family is conveniently labeled on the back with all of their names.

Scene 09: Back upstairs, Horrified Daughter is being terrorized by the self-opening closet. Inside said closet, the fire-effect we last saw immolating Mary and later Jess flames on.


The fire effect starts to squeal at the Daughter of Frozen Terror. Finally, she's able to summon a scream....


Flashy-Logo SPN credit

Scene 10: We rejoin the house from the yard. In the upstairs window, we barely see a figure at the window. A jump-zoom shows us it is Mother and she's screaming, but we can't hear her. She's also moving in slow-mo as she glances at something behind her before returning to screaming for help at us.

Commentary: This was a really nice shot, I have to say. The house and that old dead tree reaching its branches toward it was a very nice touch, and I really liked the way we started just close enough to make out the figure in the window if we happened to look in the right spot, before we move in to Mother. The opening really stretches on, mostly because as mentioned, it's a cliche storm from the first scene in keeping with SPN's first season.

Scene 11: There is the blare of a truck horn racing by and Our Sam sits up from a nightmare with a start. [So, in other words, the cliches aren't done yet -- has anyone real ever leaped up into a sitting position like this after a nightmare - because I've had some doozies, but I've never jackknifed from sleeping-to-sitting like this. Although, a few times I did "sleep-sit". Once while holding a conversation with a Triffid and another time I threw myself out of my top bunk bed onto the floor... obvs, this was as a kid.]

Sam gasps and pants in confusion.

Scene 12: At daybreak, Sam has just gotten done sketching the tree from his nightmare. As Dean prattles on that he's been looking for a new gig, Sam shows us that he's sketched the same tree several times.

Over at the laptop (BUY A DELL!), Dean is purusing a news report from "internet NEWS" about a trawler being found adrift off the coast of CA, obvs not having picked up on Sam's preoccupation yet. He also mentions the old stand by of cattle mutilations in TX.

Commentary: I believe that these could be shout outs: The trawler story in particular could refer to "The Fog" while cattle mutilations were a big part of The X-Files.

He shouts over to Sam for not paying attention [and we see that Jeffrey Dean Morgan gets a guest starring, which will hopefully be for something more than his photographs]. Sam assures him he's paying attention as Dean goes on to mention a man who shot himself in the head three times, while waving a sarcastic hand in Sam's direction emphasizing that he doesn't think that Our Sam is paying any attention to his actual words, despite claiming so.

Sammy suddenly gets a bug about that tree and insists that he's seen it before, though Dean has no idea what he's talking about. He rushes to John's Hunter Book and finds a family photo with the significant tree in the background. He tells Dean emphatically that he knows where they have to go next.

Sam tells Dean that he thinks the people that may be living in their old house are in danger and they need to go. Dean tries to get details on why he'd think that, but Sam pulls the "just trust me". Dean would like some sorta reason that he's suddenly on a tear to get back to their childhood home, the locus of so much pain in their lives.


Dean isn't about to return to Lawrence without something more than "trust me" though and he pressures Sammy to spill about what is going on. Sam admits to Dean that he's been having nightmares, which isn't a newsflash. But then he also tells Dean that sometimes, his dreams have been coming true afterward.

Our Sam is forced to admit to Dean that he'd dreamt of Jessica's death [which we found out from Bloody Mary using Sam's guilt about not warning Jess away to try to kill Sammy] beforehand.

Dean tries to poo-poo about nightmares, but Sam tells him he dreamed of the exact circumstances of Jess' death including the blood dripping on him and the fire that ultimately killed her. Now, with his nightmares about a woman screaming from their old house, where all of the supernatural hijinks in their lives started, this must mean something.

["OH, NO... No, it's from before that," Future!Me butts in. I tell him to shush on futurey-stuff.]

Dean doesn't immediately handle this well and tries to slow Our Sam's roll. Dean tries to wrap his head around Sammy claiming to have some kinda 'shining', but even more of a problem is returning to the place that Dean swore to never return to.


Sam puts on the Super-Earnest Face of Woobieness, which Dean cannot resist. He doesn't have to be enthusiastic about the trip, though.

Commentary: What I love about this scene though, is that it once again plays on the number one strength of the early show -- which isn't the plots. The chemistry between Jared and Jensen is always fantastic when they're put in a room alone to interact with one another and it's no different here. But also, this is again a circumstance when we get a look beneath the brash, slutty persona of Dean Winchester to see a real person within that character. Jensen is really good at giving us pain-filled looks that allow us to see a 2-D Action Hero character as a human being struggling with his personal history -- something that will be expanded upon so much in future seasons that he's scarcely the same character we were introduced to at all, and Jensen does an admirable job of walking us through Dean's evolution.

But wow, that was a really long, long scene for television wasn't it?

Scene 13: Shot of Impala carrying our boys to Lawrence [Could the electric company please do something about that dangerously leaning pole, there? It's one good windstorm away from toppling onto the road].

Scene 14: Our Boys pull up in front of their childhood home with the tree looking not quite as menacing as in Sam's nightmare, but still recognizable. Sam checks in with how Dean is doing, but he says he'll have to get back to his brother on that.

Scene 15: They knock on the front door and it's answered by Mother [no, not Mary -- opening scene Mother]. Sam is startled to see the woman from his nightmare in living color. As Dean prepares to spiel a cover story, Sam butts in to just tell the woman who they are and that they were just wondering if they could take a look at their childhood home.

Mother is slightly amazed, as she just found those photos labelled Winchester all over them... what a coinkydink!

Commentary: A few mixed feelings about this: Sam and Dean look a bit rough-trade for a single mother to be inviting them into her home this way, even with them having a legitimate reasoning for wanting to check out the house. But on the other hand, the timing of her finding the photos, along with Sam's vision surely heavily implies if not downright states that something in the house is arranging this visit at this time. You could easily imagine that something has been whispering in Mother's ear that she should trust them/invite them inside.

Scene 16: As Mother is leading Sam and Dean through the Winchester's old homestead, in the kitchen Daughter is sitting at the table while Toddler-Son is bouncing in his playpen. He chants for juice which Mother retrieves for him when they reach the kitchen. We get a focus on the childproof lock on the refrigerator door for emphasis because that will in no way come up later.

They engage in small chat to find out that Mother is making a fresh start. Dean wheedles out of Mother about the problems she's run into with the aging house, which matches the signs for a haunting. Daughter [no, it's too late now for you to get a name -- you're going to remain titled] mentions the thing in her closet, wondering if it lived there while they did. Daughter complains to Mother about not being asleep when she saw the thing in the closet, which was on fire.

Sam gets significant look [thanks, we got that connection already when we saw it for ourselves - we're not idiots].

Scene 17: Outside again and heading for the car, Sam is jacked up with adrenaline. The boys turn to arguing over their next step as Our Sam wants to storm the house and make the family leave, while Dean points out they don't have a story to convince them and plus, they don't even know what they're up against yet and Sam is way too ready to leap to the conclusion it's Mary and Jessica's killer making a return visit to this random family.

Plus Dean is struggling with the knowledge that Sammy's dreams are really prophetic.

Scene 18: Shortly thereafter, they're feeding Impala. Dean has gotten Sam calmed down enough to approach whatever is happening as they would any other job. Sam admits they do need to confirm what they're facing down first before flying into action.

Planning turns to finding out the history of the house and conversation has, by necessity, to turn to whatever Dean remembers about the night that their mother was killed. Dean of course, only remembers the lowlights about the fire and Sam finds out that it was his brother that carried him out.

Sam asks after John's theories about what happened, but Dean confirms that John never shared anything with him that Sam doesn't already know for himself. The boys realize they're going to have to dig into their parents' lives from before the fire.


Scene 19: Dean has excused himself to hit the restroom, but once he's away from Our Sam he pulls out his cellphone.

He's called John, which as per usual, involves leaving a message on voicemail. Dean, struggling with his emotions, explains where they are and why and tells him he doesn't know what to do. He pleads with John to come, tears in his eyes.

Commentary: Yes, Jensen nails this one.

Scene 20: That evening, Mother is walking into the kitchen. She's brought in a plumber to check out the backed up pipes [and really, far more ghosts should learn to hit people where it hurts... if you want to successfully torture a family, it isn't the noises or the smells or the apparitions that will do it... it's hitting their pocketbooks over and over with a money pit situation].

We focus in on plumber's tools and a pipe-cable thingy for snaking a drain.

Scene 21: Shortly later, the plumber is under the sink taking apart the drain pipe. Approp of nothing, cymbal-bearing monkey toy starts clanging by itself [as they always do because they're ALWAYS evil -- STOP BUYING THESE THINGS].

Plumber sees nothing in pipe drain so has to check out the DAH-DAH-DAH-DAHHHHHH, Garbage Disposal. He both unplugs it and checks the switch to ensure it won't turn on at the most unfortunate time and it all seems kewl.

He reaches deeply into it in order to check for something stuck in the blades. Plumber suddenly gets a jerk and pulls his hand out, but finds nothing weird, so he goes back in.

[Because first, how can we avoid this cliche... amirite... and second because it apparently takes 10 minutes to check a simple drain for foreign objects and so he has to keep his hand in there on and on and on.]

Unshockingly, poor innocent Plumber gets his hand mangled when the disposal suddenly flips through haunting power. He also apparently can't pull his hand free either. And cymbal-monkey clangs away with glee [just to maximize our cliches].

Commentary: The hand-in-the-disposal thing has just been played out. Please stop using it, it's a dead horse.

Scene 22: The following day, Dean and Sam are visiting an old friend of their father's. This is a guy who John had partnered with at a car mechanic business, but as far as friend knows nobody has heard from John in 20 years. Sam and Dean are presenting themselves as detectives revisiting cold cases... despite neither of them being dressed for it.

John's freind tells them about how devoted he was to Mary and his kids, but Sam points out that was before the fire. He asks if friend ever heard John talking about that, but friend says he thinks John didn't get over the shock. Sam pushes and John's business partner says that before John vanished, he'd talk about how something was in his house and started the fire. Friend had begged John to seek some help, but it just got worse. He further states that John started seeing some palm reader in town, but can't tell them which one.

Obvs, he believes that John just cracked up from the loss of his wife in that horrible accident.

Scene 23: A visit to a phone book later, Sam reads down a list of "psychics" in town. Dean recognizes one name: Missouri Moseley.

Her name is in the first sentence of John's journal.

Scene 24: Cut to the Winchester boys waiting at Missouri's home for her. She soon appears telling a client that his woman is devoted to him with no worries. As soon as she escortes him out, she tells the Winchesters appropo of nothing that the guy is actually a poor bastard and his woman is cold-banging the gardner.

Missouri quickly gains the boys confidence by recognizing who they are, picking up on Sam's loss of Jessica and the fact that John is currently missing in action. Dean asks where he is, but she claims not to know. He asks if she isn't supposed to be psychic, but she sasses that don't make her a magician. She orders them to sit.

They asks about her meeting with John and she's able to tell them that she was the one to draw back the curtain on what lurks in the dark. But, she also says that she didn't see what killed Mary, but could feel its evil surrounding their house.

Scene 25: Speaking of the house, Mother is talking on the phone in the kitchen. The plumber's company is threatening law suit for his injury. She has to interrupt this conversation about how unfair it is for her to be held liable [fucking lawyers] because something is banging round in a racket upstairs. She leaves Toddler in his playpen.

Scene 26: At Missouri's she's confused by Sam and Dean's reports of thinking that something is back in their old home. She says she's been keeping an eye on the place and it has been quiet for the past 20 years. She wonders why activity would be kicking up now. The boys can't answer, but Our Sam feels strongly like something is starting.

Scene 27: Meanwhile at the Winchester childhood home, Toddler continues to play by himself. An invisible force pulls out the pins keeping his playpen together, allowing him the freedom his mother was denying him.

Next up is the safety latch on the fridge along with its door swinging open. Toddler is old enough [I'll say!] to know where the juice is at, so he dashes over there. Toddler-Idiot chooses to crawl into the poorly designed fridge with an entire shelf removed for no logical reason, rather than reach in and yank his sippy cup to him. The door, unshockingly, is shoved shut on him. The safety latch is quickly slid back in place so Toddler-Idiot can sip his juicey undisturbed while he suffocates.

Scene 28: Sometime later, Mother returns to the kitchen to find Toddler-No-Air missing. She does a mad dash around calling to him, while our POV remains on the Fridge Of Danger & Doom.

Fortunately, a carton of milk was tipped over without its top in place. This allows milk to trickle out from under the door, so Toddler-Just-Fine is saved.

Scene 29: While Mother is cradling Toddler-Saved and before she can really focus on the fact that the latch was in place after her son was in the fridge, there is a knock on the door.

It's those pain in the ass Winchesters, again. And they want to take another tour... but weirdly they brought some random woman to view their old house. Mother tries to explain it isn't a good time, but Dean is pushy. The odd woman asks Mother to excuse the Rude-Dean, but goes on to point out that Mother is half-convinced that something is in her house and wants to hurt her family.

She asks Mother to trust them just a little bit.

Commentary: I really like Loretta Devine as our psychic, mostly because she spends most of her time slamming Dean. But she also has the warmth-projection that makes her ideal as somebody who could convince Mother to step aside even though she should be weirded out at how the Winchesters don't seem to want to leave.

Scene 30: Missouri walks the house and they end up in Sam's old nursery where she points out that this is the place it all started. But after a few moments she tells Sam and Dean that this isn't what killed Mary. She states that there are more than one spirit in the house, and focuses her attention in Little Girl's closet. She further points out that the spirits were drawn there because of the evil that visited 20 years ago.


She further explicates that the evil left behind wounds in the home and it has become infected. Mother and her babies are being threatened by a poltergeist, but there is a second spirit also which she can't yet get a firm read on.

Dean asks how they stop whatever is there.

Scene 31: Later, at Missouri's she helps Dean put together protection bags for the home. They're going to place them in the walls at the corners of the home, on each floor.

She warns that once the unclean spirit understands why they're there, things will start to get bad....

Scene 32: Later that evening, Missouri has convinced Mother to leave three relative strangers in her house and to take the kids to the movies while they exorcise the place of the spirits haunting her property.

Scene 33: Sam starts in the Master Bedroom. Naturally, he doesn't pick an out of sight place to put a hole in the wall for his protective bag. As he's tapping the wall to find an empty place to hammer a hole, we see a cord unplug from the wall and start winding its way in mid-air toward him.

As the cord winds its way just above the floor, we see that Sam might get lucky if the lamp falls off the credenza in time.

Scene 34: Dean's chosen assignment is the kitchen. As he is hand-axing the wall behind the blender, a knife drawer slides open.

Scene 35: Meanwhile, Missouri has chosen to tackle the basement. She finds a wall to begin. She gets the first baggie in a place where a brick is already missing, but gets attacked by an empty bureau sliding across the floor and pinning her to said wall.

Scene 36: In the kitchen, Dean hears a knife edge sliding against metal. He's able to duck in time to avoid a large carving knife flying across the room toward the back of his head.

More knives fly at him, but he flips over the dining table to take their strikes.


Scene 37: In the bedroom upstairs, Our Sam hears the lamp crash to the floor, but it's just a tad late to avoid the cord striking out at him like a snake. He starts to get choked out and isn't able to loosen its grip.

Dean has rushed upstairs, having survived his knife assault and presumably gotten his protection charm in place. He tries to yank the cord away from Sam's throat to give him some air, but can't hold it. Instead he kicks a hole in the bedroom wall and tosses the protection sack there.

With this being the last one [never mind it is only the 3rd and according to Missouri's instructions they should need twelve -- we'll just have to assume that the others were done before the spirits wised up] a white light flashes out of the house.

Dean rushes to Sam's side.

Commentary: In retrospect, this scene sent a chill up my spine. When Dean takes the cord from around Sam's neck, Jared does this boneless acting as Jensen cradles his head against his shoulder. [There's some future spoilery stuff here.]It looks spookily like the first [and therefore really the best] time that Sam dies... he gets better and then they both have a revolving death door and it gets ridiculous.

Scene 38: Later, the trio are in the kitchen looking at the damage. Missouri tells them that the poltergeist is gone, but Sam seems to sense something he can't explain. He blows it off and accepts Missouri's word that it's all over.

Mother and Kids arrive to see the mess in the kitchen. Sam tells her not to worry and that they'll pay for the damages to Dean's stunned look. Missouri then volunteers Dean for clean up operations and has him get the mop to his look of disgust. She then tells him not to cuss at her.

Scene 39: Later, our trio leave with Missouri needing help down the stairs as she's been bruised and battered. Everything appears to be over and done with... except for the fact that we're only at the 33 minute mark -- Ooops.

Scene 40: Later still, Mother wraps up reading her Parenting Magazine article and turns out the lights for sleepy-time.

The bed starts to shake to her terrified screams.

Scene 41: Meanwhile outside, Sam and Dean are in the Impala keeping watch. Our Sam can't explain it to his brother, but he hasn't been able to let go of the sensation that something is still wrong.

As Dean starts to sack out and complaining he could be in a bed right now, Sam sees a spitting image of his nightmare: Mother is standing at the window shouting for help!

The boys take off running for the house, with Dean shouting to Sam to grab the kids, while he grabs Mother.

Commentary: I really liked this simple detail of having the brother's talking about the plan of attack before flailing around in the house. It was just a nice detail to include.

Scene 42: Mother sees the boys racing for her front door [which unbelievably is apparently unlocked -- I'm going to go with "spirit did it"].

She rushes to her bedroom door, but it won't open for her and her bed is still bouncing around.

Scene 43: Meantime, in Daughter's room, the flame from the closet returns. She huddles against her headboard as the fire outlines a humanoid shape which walks toward her.

Scene 44: Dean arrives at Mother's bedroom door to attempt to help her get out.

Scene 45: While Dean is hustling Mother out of the house, Sam has grabbed Toddler. He rushed by Daughter's room, only to see the fire-spirit standing between the door and Daughter's escape.

He rushes in and scoops her up. The fire-spirit doesn't do anything.

Scene 46: Outside, Dean and Mother watch anxiously at the front door for signs of Sam and Kids.

He reaches the entry way, but for some reason senses something or is grabbed and puts the kids down. He tells Daughter to take Toddler-Brother and rush the six footsteps outside.

In the meantime, his feet are yanked out from under him and he's hauled off deeper into the house. Sam ends up slamming back into the kitchen.

Scene 47: Outside, kids reach Dean and Mother. Dean is informed that Our Sam is in deep trouble. The front door is slammed shut.

Scene 48: Dean rushes to Impala's Waiting Wonders and grabs his shotgun and salt shells. He rushes to save his brother.

With the door resisting his kicking, he resorts to an axe.

Scene 49: Meantime, Sam gets thrown around the kitchen where he slams into things a lot. Dean yells at the partially axed front door. But Sam is now stuck against the wall.

Fire-spirit strolls into the home office. It starts heading for Sam pinned in the kitchen.

Scene 50: Dean makes it back into the house and calls for his brother, as Fire-spirit continues closing in on vulnerable-Sammy.

Dean lines up a shot with the salt-gun, but Sam suddenly yells at him not to fire. To Dean's questioning, Sam tells Dean that he knows who the spirit is underneath the flamey exterior. The fire-spirit's flame goes out and in its place stands...


Mary greets her children, but then she weirdly apologizes to Our Sam, looking regretful about something. He asks her what for, but she doesn't answer. Instead she spirit walks away and looks at the ceiling. She orders something unseen to get out of her house and Human Torches before vanishing.


After Mary dissipates against the ceiling, Sam is released from pinning against the wall. He and Dean and left shocked. Sam tells Dean that it's over now.

Commentary: First, I want to compliment Jared here -- he's particularly strong in his reaction-shot to meeting his mother. But I also want to compliment SPN overall for the mystery of Mary Winchester. It will literally take YEARS for us to finally understand what all happened that led to Sam and Dean being wrapped up in the supernatural hunting and there are a LOT of unpleasant secrets waiting about their family, including some of not-quite-so-saintly-Mary's.

You have to think that a lot of this wasn't thought out this far back, but nevertheless, you can tie everything nicely back to Mary's apology to Sam in this episode.

Scene 51: After daybreak, Dean is standing at Impala and going through the pictures of his family. He thanks Mother for them, but she just grins and tells him that they belong to he and his brother.

Scene 52: On the front stoop, sits Sam. He's joined by Missouri who assures him that this time cross-fingers, no-take-backs there aren't any more spirits dwelling within.

Sam is upset to learn that not even his mother remains. Missouri states that Mary used her energy to cancel out the poltergeists.

She also issues sympathy at Sam for his burgeoning abilities and the burdens that come with it; she guesses that he sensed the remaining spirit and Mary even when she couldn't. He asks what is happening to him. Missouri claims that she doesn't have any of the answers.

Scene 53: At the car, Dean calls for Sam to get moving and says good bye to Mother. Missouri also says good bye and the boys take off down the road in Impala.

Scene 54: A short time later, we join Missouri storming into her house. She comments on Sam's strong abilities and wonders why he couldn't sense his own father's presence.

Yes -- John is there. He's greiving Mary's death again, now that he knows she was there in the house this whole time.

Missouri calls John out for avoiding his sons. He refuses to see them to her frustration until, he tells her, he knows the truth.

We get no further details, but it's hard not to wonder if it isn't about Sam's abilities and what they may mean.

The Good: I liked the introduction of Sam's psychic abilities in this episode, but especially the way that they didn't keep it from Dean for long. I also liked the shot of his nightmare image being replicated in the real world as a sign to him that he was right in that things weren't over.

The quiet scenes where Jensen and Jared are sharing angsty dialog is always good stuff, thanks to the actors chemistry with one another. Both actors do some really excellent work in key scenes: For Jensen it's Dean's struggling while talking to John's voicemail, for Jared it's Sam seeing his mother.

I also liked all of the scenes with Loretta Devine as Missouri.

The Bad: My only real problem with the whole episode is how cliche it starts off as, and stays through at least half of it. They really need to find new twists on old, hoary stories and introduce those twists earlier.

Other Thoughts: Despite my being generally sick of the hand-in-the-disposal scene, I do want to acknowledge that it was well filmed and paced by director, Ken Girotti.

The Score: The episode is a generally mixed bag because of the severe cliche storm we have to wade through, but once they introduce Missouri, the plot starts to pick up a bit and there is some really nice work by Loretta, Jared and Jensen. The introduction of Mary, and her odd apology and looks of regret are interesting - especially added to the mystery of Sam's powers and what the man in his baby nursery was up to exactly.

3.50 out of 5 stars

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