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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Atom Age Vampire


Okay, so this is a bit weird. But for a change of pace it is an awesome bit of weirdness. Last night I posted about my computer having taken a surge and been knocked out of commission? It wouldn’t power on at all no matter how many times I hit the power button. Well, this morning before I hit the bed I gave it another shot just for the bonkers of it --- and it powered up! The boot screen came up showing that it shut down abnormally, but sudden power outages will do that but the major concern of it not powering up at all magically resolved itself overnight! Weird, but kewl.

So the SPN review is back on for posting this weekend. Yay!
I’m also ready to start the BTVS, S10 and A&F, S[8, not 10] reviews also.

But what is this post really about harsens-rob, I hear you ask. And what a good question it is, too! You guys! You’re the bestest questioners ever. Today’s posting is a “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments” post for the movie, ‘Atom Age Vampire’: The story of a whiney heroine and the obsessive mad doctor who instantly falls psycho over heels for her.

Our main characters that we will be focused on will naturally enough not include said psycho mad doctor. Nor can we include his dedicated door mat of a nurse/biggest fan, either.  Huh… I have a feeling our protagonist list is going to be woefully short: Pierre (our heroine’s actual love interest – sorry mad doctor), Jeanette (our dancer-heroine), Sacha (mute assistant to our mad doctor) and the Police Commissioner.

Actually, that’s not a bad list.

Our Characters Are Upstanding Heroes!

Pierre- I really don’t like Pierre and I found him to not do anything in particular to earn my respect. He does battle the Doctor Hyde in hand to hand and that has to count for something so I’ll reluctantly give him a Half-KUDO for bravery.

Jeanette- I wanted something to give Jeanette a reward for, but she’s just too much of a neutral female. She’s directed by others throughout the film and never finds a moment when she truly stands up and fights on her own behalf. I can’t issue a kudo.

Sacha- Sacha saves the day! He kills the monster and save Jeanette from getting murdered by the now-definitely-psychotic Levin-Hyde. Of course, it shouldn’t have been necessary if he’d done the right thing a helluva lot sooner – Half-KUDO.

Commissioner- I actually think that the Commissioner was relatively quick on suspecting Levin as up to no good once Pierre reported the odd occurrence surrounding Jeanette’s kidnapping. Proving it was still a problem, but I like that the commissioner was on the ball: Half-KUDO

I’m having a tough time here with Monique, and here’s my dilemma. I kinda want to give her an anti-kudo for her utter devotion to Dr. Levin right up to using herself as a lab rat for untested formulas to help him with his mad doctoring. I mean, if you’re going to hook your wagon to a mad scientist, why half-ass it? You may as well go all-in. But on the other hand, Monique is obvs going to these extreme lengths because she’s madly in love with him beyond any sense. That really hints more toward a mental illness than an admirable loyalty to villainy, doesn’t it? So does she deserve a reward for her devotion, or only our pity that she’s so far under the mad doctor’s sway? *Sigh*… I could split the difference and give her a half-anti-kudo, I guess… but her level of devotedness to the doctor really bothers me. In fact, I think it does bother me enough not to reward for it. Never mind – no anti-kudos – but I’d like to read if you think otherwise….

I am going to issue a genuine KUDO to Dr. Alberto Levin for his work in regenerative skin repair. The effects were of limited duration, but he was clearly on the right track and could’ve brought an amazing new medical discovery to the world, if not for his mad doctorness.

I’ve also got to give it to Dr. Levin, in the form of an Anti-KUDO, for the way that he keeps Jeanette under his control late in the film. She’s finally free to burst into a room and show Pierre that she’s there but the doctor has so manipulated her about her scarring returning and killing her chances with her lover that she stays silent on the other side of the door from the two men, unable to break the charade.

Our Characters Are Hopelessly Inept!

Pierre: Pierre only really bugs me by dating a burlesque dancer and then when involved suddenly turning on her and insisting that she disgusts him for not quitting.

That always bugs the hell outta me. If a girl dancing didn’t turn you off to dating her, then it shouldn’t turn you off after things get serious. It’s a career choice you were fully aware of and you’ve no right to suddenly yank that career out from under her or make her feel like shit for doing it if it wasn’t a problem before. Half-DEMERIT to Pierre for assholishness

Jeanette: I’m not going to issue any demerits toward Jeanette, even though I wish she’d been a stronger character overall or – especially – that she’d found her ‘power moment’ sometime in the picture. She doesn’t, but I can understand why she was so ineffectual with taking control of her situation.

Sacha: Sacha is an interesting example, because I’m actually sympathetic toward him. But, he is a little too loyal to Levin, and he crosses a line when he won’t let Jeanette go free – following Alberto’s orders to club Pierre unconscious, drug Jeanette and spirit her away to the doctor’s mansion to be held against her will. DEMERIT

Commissioner: I don’t like that the Commissioner was so slow in getting an autopsy ordered for Monique. I don’t care what Doctor Levin said, or what the coroner wanted to do, an autopsy is always supposed to be performed for a sudden death and he could’ve ordered the Coroner to at least confirm the heart ailment with a quick look: Half-DEMERIT

I’m going to issue a special DEMERIT to the hospital staff in charge of Jeanette while she is in recovery from her devastating accident. Knowing how distraught she already is, they both leave her with a hand mirror before they’re ready to reveal her lasting scars to her and then follow it up by letting her keep a gun in her bag! Jeezzus… do you have a suicide policy out on her or something?

I have another special … issue… with Monique here. I want to issue her a demerit for being so lovestruck by the obvs psycho doctor that she let herself be murdered by him instead of running when the getting was good. The problem is that a) I can’t tell if she suicided to help the doctor or b) he killed her outright. Either way though, it’s hard to issue a demerit to Monique for the exact same reasoning of denying her the anti-kudo: It just seems like there was something desperately wrong with Monique’s mental state from her first scene and it makes it impossible to really blame her for her blindness toward him, so I’m not issuing a demerit even though I want to.

I am going to issue a DEMERIT to Dr. Levin: Mad doctor or no, he has enough awareness to feel guilt and shame for murdering young women for their tissue in order to create his DERMA-28 formula. He doesn’t let that stop him out of some deep-seated need to force Jeanette to be dependent on him. The fact that he isn’t just a sociopath, but does regret killing should force him to stop doing it for the sake of Jeanette’s “miracle” cure. If he’d just embraced his villainy, he wouldn’t be punished but he thinks he can walk the line between some sorta tragic anti-hero-for-love’s-sake and outright bad guy? Not on my watch.

We have a special Half-DEMERIT to issue to the coroner for being so awed by Dr. Levin’s work that he simply accepts a proclamation of Monique’s cause of death without a proper autopsy that would’ve shown Alberto’s lying immediately and saved lives. But, he is quick to confirm that he’s at fault when the autopsy is performed later at the Commissioner’s behest – which I why I’m giving him partial credit.


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