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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Fray, issue 8


Here it is gang – the last issue of the Fray series and our last chance to find kudos or demerits to issue to our heroine. This is: All Hell.

Our main characters remain Melaka, her sister Erin and her not-quite-a-Watcher Urkonn.

Our Characters Earn Our Respect:

Melaka- Mel wins the day, of course, but what I want to issue a KUDO for was specifically her defeat of the Gateway Demon from the inside of its mouth! That was some rarified awesome going on.

Erin- Erin doesn’t earn herself a kudo in this one, except for a general battle award and I issued that last issue.

Urkonn- I’m going to issue Urkonn a Half-KUDO because it becomes obvious that he had orders to kill Melaka after Harth was defeated. Orders that he chose not to carry out, remaining on the good guy side in spite of his bosses’ orders.

Thankfully, Harth lost. But he did get in this one very cool move against his sister Erin when she was speeding at him on her jetcycle. I’m issuing a Half-Anti-KUDO for the pretty awesome snatch of her out of mid-air, right off of her flyer.

Our Characters Earn Our Contempt:

Melaka- Alas for my respect of Mel, she continues to go on thieving once the dust has settled. I still don’t approve and issue her a DEMERIT.

Erin- I’ll not issue Erin any demerits.

Urkonn- Urkonn presented a special case as he was clearly ordered to kill Melaka as soon as the Gateway Demon Crisis was resolved, which made him a bad guy… kinda… this whole time.

Now, I’m going to issue a judgment of some kind on him that we’ll get to in a moment so I needed to really think about whether I should be changing his affiliation to villain and issuing an anti-kudo instead. As you can see above, I didn’t. I’ve decided to go with still calling Urkonn a heroic character [even if it’s more of an anti-hero] and treating him accordingly, which means my judgment will be a demerit.

But, as a demon, would it be fair to actually judge him as I would Mel or Erin? Because if not, then he should still be awarded an anti-kudo or kudo, even, for a very … severe action that he took to get Melaka where he thought she needed to be to win her war against her brother.

Honestly, I can accept any of you believing he should be judged differently because of his basic nature, his orders and his opposite sense of morality. I think a lot may depend on if you believe that he’d turned a corner from villain to anti-hero at some point. To be truthful, I didn’t really design this little series to handle such a complicated situation. My thoughts are that Urkonn, in not trying to kill Mel as instructed, did turn to a semi-heroic character and that this transformation took place at some point when he came to respect her and when that actually happened isn’t clear. So, this is why I’m issuing a demerit for him rather than the anti-kudo his moment of villainy could’ve earned instead.

As to what the demerit is for… that one is easy: It turns out that Urkonn murdered Little Loo as a way to goad Mel into being ready to embrace her calling and defeat her brother. It was actually a logical and smart plan and worked just as he’d hoped. But it’s not heroic [and again, if I’d accepted that he was still a villain, I would give him an anti-kudo instead – which I could’ve done, if he’d “shown his true colors” by sticking to the plan to assassinate Melaka, but he didn’t] and since that’s what I’m still classifying him as… DEMERIT.

I don’t have a special demerit to issue.

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