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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Fray, issue 7


The Fray family drama continues apace as Harth brings the world one step closer to destruction and Melaka continues trying to rally support against the coming vampire assault.

Into this comes a judgmental, peering critic to issue demerits for the slightest failure to live up to his arrogant sense of heroics, or possibly issue a kudo? For this is “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments” and we’re taking a look at Fray, #7.

Our Characters under scrutiny remain Melaka, Urkonn and Erin Fray.

Our Characters Are Awesome!

Melaka- Melaka does a great job in leading her first army against the lurks… the Gateway Demon presents its own challenge, though. Still, she gets a KUDO.

Urkonn- Urkonn gets a KUDO for joining Melaka, the civilians and the police in battle.

Erin- Erin gets a KUDO for her sudden and surprising take down of not-so-big-bad Icarus.

Harth has to get a huge Anti-KUDO for ushering in the beginning of the end of the world, I’d say.

The Lower Town Civilians gets a huge KUDO for standing with Melaka in fighting back.

The Laws get a huge KUDO for bucking their bosses and joining the resistance.

Our Characters Suck!

Mel- Melaka doesn’t earn herself any demerits.

Erin- Erin doesn’t earn herself a demerit.

Urkonn- Urkonn doesn’t earn himself a demerit.

I’ve no demerits to issue to anyone else, either.

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