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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Fray #6


Welcome to Fray’s continued “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments” as we take a closer look at our characters in Issue 6.

Our characters who fall under a special view are: Melaka, Erin and Urkonn as we finally see Melaka embrace her true Slayer power to start fighting back against her twisted, dead brother.

Our Characters Are Heroic!

Mel- We finally get Mel the Slayer in action and it is glorious. She gets KUDO for taking down dozens of “lurks” and actually making Harth uncomfortable enough to send Icarus to shut her down.

Erin- Erin doesn’t earn herself a kudo.

Urkonn- Urkonn sorta helps with the vampire pile on, but really Mel handles most of it on her own. He doesn’t earn a kudo.

I’ve decided that I’m going to issue a special KUDO to the two demons who are directing Urkonn’s mission, repulsive though they may be. They sent the demon to Mel to help her stop Harth’s plans [for their own reasons, sure] and the Slayer Scythe must’ve come from them. I think giving the Slayer her special weapon back, considering they ARE demons, should be worth some recognition.

Our Characters Are Unheroic!

Mel- Melaka doesn’t earn herself a demerit, but it’s a close call with her temper getting in the way of her recruiting help.

Erin- I’m a bit annoyed by Erin, but she doesn’t have all of the information I have so I don’t think I can rightly issue a demerit for her still not believing Mel’s tales.

Urkonn- Urkonn doesn’t earn himself any demerits, but I really think he could be much more helpful than he’s being at this point.

I’ve got nothing worth a special demerit this time out.

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