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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Fray, 5


It’s time! For what? Why for “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments”, of course… didn’t I already mention that we were going to close out FRAY tonight?

Jeez, it’s like they don’t even listen.

Today’s subject is Chapter 5 of our tale and our inspected characters will include: Melaka, Erin and Urkonn.  And though he’s not a regular, this is the issue mentioned last time where we’ll be dealing with Harth.

Our Characters Are The Ace!

Melaka- Mel is just having a really crappy day and she doesn’t earn a kudo for any of it.

Erin- It’s nice to see Erin survived the massive assault by the lurks. But, it’s also obvs that they were only attacking to grab Mel for Harth, rather than to slaughter them all so I’m not issuing a kudo.

Urkonn- Urkonn doesn’t get a kudo for his role in this one.

I’ve got to issue an Anti-KUDO to Harth for his complete takedown of Melaka – he basically pulls a page out of the Angelus book and screws her over mentally so badly that he can kick the hell outta her physically. It’s brutal.

Our Characters Are The Skunk!

Melaka- Mel… well, she gets her ass beat again. But again, the emotional and psychological shock to her system makes this understandable and I’m not going to pile on by issuing a demerit.

Erin- Erin doesn’t earn herself a demerit.

Urkonn- Urkonn… grrrrrrr. But that’s for another issue. In this particular chapter, he goes demerit-free.

Pre-Vampire Harth gets a DEMERIT from me for thinking that after all of his Slayer-dreams, that when confronted by a “lurk”, biting and drinking from him is the plan to go with. He deliberately turned himself into a vampire in order to bring the demons back to Earth instead of using his insight to actually resist his evil destiny. What a jerk.

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