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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Fray 4


Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: FRAY, #4

With Icarus confronting Melaka, things are getting real in ways that they really weren’t for her even with all of Urkonn’s talk about the vampires and Slayers. This is the big bad that killed her brother!

But our attention in this posting is how Mel acts, not on her plot. Along with her, our other characters being scrutinized are Erin and Urkonn.

Our Characters Kick Ass!

Melaka- Mel was going to get a kudo for saving Erin, but the save is far too short lived to count as she’s nearly immediately rendered unconscious by metal pipe vs. head. We don’t know if Erin and her police force end up slaughtered or not.

Erin- Erin doesn’t earn herself a kudo this time out.

Urkonn- Urkonn really comes through with a save of Melaka from Icarus when it was the most important. He gets a huge KUDO for saving the Slayer [and he technically saves her again when his bosses question whether she should be eliminated for the next Slayer in line, too].

Our Characters Wimp Out!

Mel- Hmmm. Mel really takes a beating by Icarus for which I want to demerit her, but I’m sympathetic to her over the Harth-death memories that have come flooding back with Icarus’ presence again. I think that I will issue her a Half-DEMERIT though, because she follow on this loss with turning her back during a lurker attack to warn Erin to run, and that is why she’s quickly defeated again. Buffy could’ve held an entire conversation with her head turned away from the vampire minion and still sensed his attack. Melaka can’t even focus on paying attention during an actual assault.

Urkonn- Urkonn makes me nervous when he’s actually considering whether Mel should be killed to bring in the next Slayer, but he comes through. No demerit is necessary.

Erin- So, it does appear that Erin has used her illegally obtained confirmation of Mel’s “grabbing” to get a warrant against Gunther, and ergo pressure him into setting Mel up. I warned her. She ignored me. She gets a DEMERIT for illegality during her official duties.

I do believe that I also warned her partner, Officer Broder – you all read that, right? It was clear? Yep, I think it was and he gets himself a DEMERIT as well.

As for you Pilot Bob… I’m almost ready to only issue you a half for your more passive role in this but it does bug me that you didn’t warn Erin you’d have to turn her in if she went through with this. On the other hand, it wouldn’t shock me if you weren’t already in the thick of the operation before you even realized what it was and where… it’s pretty obvious that the Pilot is pretty much ignored. So, okay – I’m only going to issue that Half-DEMERIT.

I also have an issue with Harth, but this isn’t the issue for it. He’ll explain how he ended up not killed on that roof so long ago and then we’ll deal with him.

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