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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Fray 3


Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: FRAY, issue 3

Welcome back to our mini-series of character moments, folks. Tonight, I plan on issuing a series of these in order to completely cover FRAY. We’ve already taken a look at our characters in the first two issues of this 8 issue mini-series. Now, let’s turn our attention to chapter 3: Ready, Steady….

Our main characters who we’ll be taking a closer look at our: Melaka Fray, Urkonn and Erin Fray.

After having taken a look, this one is going to be filled with a lot of empty space as we’re mostly just dealing with conversation. But let’s go through it anyway….

Our Characters Are On Their Game!

Mel- I’ve got nothing to issue Melaka a kudo for in this one.

Urkonn- The demon not-Watcher-but-sorta doesn’t earn a kudo, either.

Erin- Erin’s not earning herself an award this time out.

We also have no special kudos to issue.

Our Characters Are Oafs!

Mel- Melaka does deliver the stolen statue from last issue, but she’s already been issued her demerit for that escapade. In this one, she doesn’t earn herself any – though it’s obvious she’s not giving up her life as a thief, which means more demerits in her future … not that she cares.

Urkonn- Our demon doesn’t earn himself any demerits.

Erin- I’m not pleased to see Erin resorting to illegal wire-tapping to spy on her sister, but she’s not doing so to arrest her, so much as wanting desperately to prove herself wrong about Mel’s criminality. Unfortunately, all it does is confirm what she already knew. Her sister is a thief. But the point of this entry is that I’m not issuing her a demerit for the wiretap. This’ll change though if she does suddenly decide to try to use the evidence she’s gathered illegally.

I’m also going to issue a warning to Erin’s police partner about any attempts to use that illegal evidence as a pretense to arrest Mel. I’ve got one eye on a demerit for you Broder… and don’t think I don’t see you there, Pilot Bob.

But like I said… all conversation and so not much to look at in terms of kudos/demerits, at all.

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