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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Spike


Yay, we've finished Spike: After the Fall's re-review finally. Which means, we can now post the Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments for Spike: After the Fall issue #4 and get ourselves out of W&H's Hell-Angeles! Woo-hooo!

Our characters that will be getting our critical eye are: Spike, Connor, Jeremy Johns and Illyria.

Our Characters Are Great!

Spike- I'll give Spike a Half-KUDO for his takedown of Non. After his previous experience with battling her, he definitely upped his game for her defeat this time.

Connor- I cannot issue Angel's son a kudo.

Jeremy- I cannot issue Mr. Johns a kudo.

Illyria- I'm not issuing Illyria a kudo, either.

I'm going to issue a Half-Anti-KUDO to Noelle, the Sadecki Demon. She did have Illyria vulnerable and would've been okay and dealt a huge blow to Spike if the Amazon Squad didn't completely blow killing her when they had the chance. Poor Noelle... it didn't really help her putting her faith in Non, either.

Our Characters Are Awful!

Spike- I've no demerits to issue to Spike, and mostly just feel terrible on his behalf for how things went.

Connor- As per usual, Connor is taken out like a ponce. He gets a DEMERIT for stupidly leaving himself wide open to Non's knock-out punch.

Jeremy- I'll not issue Jeremy a demerit, but I don't really understand why he was A) not getting out of the immediate battle area and B) why he wasn't with the rest of the humans being burned alive, except It's In The Script-ness. I was shocked by his end and felt a little bad about not liking him more than I did.

Illyria- Obviously Illyria's big problem was interpreting "get Jeremy out of here" with "put my fist through the mortal's chest" but I'm not inclined to issue a demerit to her, here. She seems too confused and manipulated to hold her responsible for her actions. We could also make an argument for issuing a half-demerit for her easy manipulation by Noelle - but again, it seems like this is more a symptom of her schizophrenic nature in Hell-Angeles, than a character moment of weakness to be punished for. I'm letting her slide.

I'm going to issue a Half-DEMERIT to both Noelle and Non for their general choices in this issue. Both of them could've easily survived to fight another day, if they weren't so prideful and basically dumb. They made bad choices in pushing the fight when it was obvious to anyone looking that they'd lost the tactical numbers and ergo advantage. This is especially true of Non, but I don't see any reason for Noelle to just stand there and let Illyria within reaching range, either.

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