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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Spike, AtF #3


Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments...

Spike, After the Fall - Issue 3.

Today's re-reviewed issue takes place with Non. She's torturing our vampire hero but her day ends up crappy anyway when Gunn won't play nice and then Illyria gets ansty and uncooperative in letting her head be severed. Rude!

Our Characters that we'll want to focus on this morning are: Spike and Illyria.

Our Characters Are Fine!

Spike - I cannot issue a kudo to Spike.

Illyria - Illyria... well, she's an idiot. I can't give her a kudo either.

I have a standing policy of rewarding villains for slaying Slayers and Non kills three of them. Now, they are new to their powers and they do deal some damage on her that should have rendered her beatable, but obviously her energy-sucking powers give her the unfair advantage so I'm only going to give her a Half-Anti-KUDO.

I'll also issue a Half-Anti-KUDO to Gunn for showing Non how weak she is when she can't power drain for a boost.

I'm also issuing a special KUDO to Connor for saving Jeremy's life with a well timed entrance and aimed spear.

Our Characters Are Weak Sauce!

Spike - I don't understand Spike's trying to distract Illyria when he knows that she has a habit of turning into Fred when she sees him. Now, in this case, she's too bothered by his having sex with Maria to do so, but he definitely didn't know that. DEMERIT for clumsiness.

Illyria - Illyria *sigh* once again has Non right there and fails to follow up her punch by stomping on her head and killing her. Did she learn nothing from the last time that Non was able to powersuck everyone around her and then beat her into submission? No, apparently she didn't. DEMERIT for ... stupid... and clumsy.

I don't have any special demerits to hand out.

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