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Hello?? Does anyone else find this... unconvincing?


Very recently my stats for page views has gone absolutely bats**t crazy... I mean I'm seeing my page viewing tripled suddenly. I'm having some very serious doubts that these are real numbers and even though I'm not posting a reviewing-blog for that reason, I'm obviously interested enough to have stats turned on and to look at 'em.

Has anyone else found that their blogs are very suddenly more popular out of the blue?

How exactly are these numbers being generated... do those weird-duck robo-compositors count as an actual visit. Sites like this insanity -

/stoppingbreakups.com/why-is-my-ex-so-bitter/no-more-sex-in-our-relationship/    [I'm not hyperlinking to that sh*t]

Which has nothing to do with anything that I've ever actually posted and that I've never visited before tonight to find out what the f* it is and why it's coming up in a search of my blog name. It was my understanding that the LJ-counter was actually counting real visitors who y'know, actually clicked one of your real pages.

I'm confused. Should I just stop looking at this silliness... because that's probably actually the answer.

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