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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Spike


Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments:

Spike, After the Fall Issue #2

As we following Spike through his journey in W&H's Hell-Angeles, we also get introduced to another one of those infamous Lords of Los Angeles. This one is a spoiled princess type who has set up in, where else, Beverly Hills.

Our Characters to be examined in this issue include: Spike, Jeremy Johns, Illyria and Cordelia the Dragon.

Our Heroes Are Aces!

Spike- I'll not be kudo-ing our vampire hero.

Jeremy Johns- Ever the chivalrous gentleman, Jeremy tries to shield Fred by taking the blame for her whispering out of turn. It's a bad attempt at passing off Fred's feminine voice as his own, but it's still noble. He gets a Half-KUDO for playing the White Knight.

Illyria- I'll not issue a kudo to anything that Illyria/Fred-persona does in this issue.

Cordelia- Cordy tries to play messenger, but we can't know what she was intending and she doesn't earn a kudo.

I'm going to go ahead and issue an Anti-KUDO to Non, Lord of Beverly Hills for her rapid and brutal takedown of Illyria, even though I think it's only because addle-brained Illyria forgets she is supposed to be a master at fighting.

Our Heroes Are Zeroes!

Spike- Spike doesn't do anything to earn a demerit.

Jeremy- I also don't find anything to complain about here.

Illyria- Illyria's arrogance is really an issue. She could've easily killed Non if she'd just punched through her or snapped her neck. Instead she gave the energy-drainer time to use her powers, bringing suffering to all of the humans around her [conveniently excepting Jeremy] and allowing the parasite to defeat her and imprison Spike. She gets a Half-DEMERIT.

Cordy- Again, we can't know what Cordelia intended with Spike in the W&H HQ but she doesn't do anything that makes me think she should be demerited.

I've no special demerits to hand out.

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