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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Spike


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As mentioned in my prior Angel posting, we’ve got to return to Hell-Angeles, after just finally escaping, in order to visit with Spike: After the Fall. Wow, this series… well, it’s just a good thing this isn’t about my reviews and only about the characters [especially that Issue #2 which was a piece of #2].

Before we go into it, I want to issue both a warning and an apology-of-sorts. During the period when I was reviewing this series I was doing direct copy/pastes from Word to LJ and it was during one of the periods, I believe, when they were tweaking the formatting of our posts at the same time. Whatever the reason, the HTML is screwed up and I’m afraid to try to reformat because I don’t want to make it even worse or end up losing links to the page scans included. But that is why the font is super-huge and it’s tough on the eyes. In addition, I hadn’t yet instituted making my commentary separated and color coded to easily see where I’m transcribing/describing and where I’m commenting/opinionating. Again, it can be rough on the eyes to read through the review.

So – onto our Best Of/Worst Of….

Our  Characters going in are: Spike [believe it or not], Illyria, & Jeremy Johns. You’ll also recognize cameos by Spike’s Amazon Squad members before they joined up with him and Cordelia the Dragon.

Our Characters – What Heroes!

Spike- Spike starts off well with the KUDOs by gathering and protecting citizens of L.A. who are trying to deal with their entire existences turning topsy-turvy.

Illyria- Illyria is certainly doing her share, as well. But I’m only issuing her a Half-KUDO because I’m not convinced the humans wouldn’t be in serious doo-doo if Spike weren’t there to keep Illyria under some sort of control.

Jeremy- Jeremy stands up and makes a pretty good second to Spike, though at this point he’s not sure he wants the job. I’ll give him a Half-KUDO for co-managing the chaos.

We have no special kudos to give out.

Our Characters – What Jackasses!

Spike- Our vampire is a bit of a jerk toward those the same humans he rescued and especially toward Jeremy but his behavior isn’t assey enough to earn a demerit yet.

Illyria- See my explanation of Illyria’s half-kudo… she’s seriously losing it and her threatening a child for both crying and wetting himself is just proof of this. But, can we issue her a demerit? I want to, but I honestly think that it isn’t her fault and is a side-effect of being in W&H’s hell. The fact she keeps swapping places with Fred’s echo seems to bear this out.

Jeremy- Jeremy also tends to get a bit jerky when he’s left in charge, although the teens are an obvious pain in the ass. I have nothing to penalize him for in the end.

I’ve no special demerits to hand to anyone.


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