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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel


Y’know, I’ve been giving Buffy a lot of attention of late. You’d think that I’d be more on top of this After the Fall nonsense, since we’re FINALLY GETTING OUTTA HELL-ANGELES this issue! Wooohooo!!

Yes, this is Issue 16. In which Wolf, Ram & Hart falls on tough times and basically blows their whole wad on trying to punish/control/direct Angel and ends up failing spectacularly. Our guys get out of hell, though not with a full reset button – which is nice.

But, let’s get to the characters: Angel, Spike, Illyria and Cordelia the Dragon. We also get cameo status for Betta George, the Survivor Slayers, Connor and not-a-vampire-Gunn.

Our Heroes Are Winners!

Angel- Well, Angel has been through ever so much, but he finally did what he needed to do from the beginning… DIE! And he did it in a way that even let vampire!Gunn be the hero that he wanted so much to be. KUDO

Spike- Spike gets a Half-KUDO for fighting off the W & H gang in the rain soaked alley [only half because he had a lot of help].

Illyria- Illyria gets a KUDO for nearly single handedly beating back W & H’s big damned army in the rain soaked alley.

Cordelia- The Dragon gets a KUDO for switching sides, again, and decimating W & H’s big damned army in the rain soaked alley.

But, really it’s Wesley who gets a huge KUDO for figuring out the answer and saving the day both through Angel and through returning Illyria from her trip to crazy town… mostly.

Our Characters Are Losers!

Angel- I’m not issuing Angel any demerits.

Spike- I’ll not be busting Spike’s nads.

Illyria- Illyria is back on board the hero train, so no demerits.

Cordelia- The dragon is awesome, if impractical to be flying around L.A. No demerit.

I’ve gotta issue a DEMERIT to W & H [and it feels so good] for their cosmic screw-up. They’ve gone from one of the most powerful groups on the planet to a shadow-company on its way toward irrelevancy in a blink… good show… Losers.

I’ve also got to issue a DEMERIT to the W & H Big Damned Army in the rain soaked alley: You guys couldn’t kill at least one of our good guys? Not even Spike… the already near dead Gunn…? Nobody?? Lame.

Now that we’re out of hell, we have to return… sorry. Our next Best Of/Worst Of Character Moment for Angel will actually be focused on Spike as we take a look at the four issues of Spike: After the Fall.

Then, we return to Angel for “Aftermath”.

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