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Best Of/Worst Of Character Moments: BTVS


Time to wrap up our Best Of exploration of “Time Of Your Life”, which has an awesome cover but then doesn’t actually tell us anything we really, really want to know. Jerks.

Anyway, welcome to Issue 19. And this means that our next Buffy visit for this series will be the FRAY series. Yay!

Our focus characters this time out include: Buffy, Melaka, Erin, Xander, Dawn and Willow.

Our Heroes – You Know They’re Fab:

Buff- This issue is on the confusing side, but there is one really good moment: The battle against Mel and Dark Willow. Buffy shines by kicking ass on the replacement and not allowing Willow to distract her from her goal with a lot of talk. She takes her out quick and with authority. It’s heart breaking that she had to, but it earns her a KUDO.

Mel- Melaka holds her own, and in fact she may have won if past!Wiillow wasn’t reaching through the portal to yank Buffy away before the gate could close. I’m going to go ahead a give her a Half-KUDO for some pretty great moves against Buffy.

Erin- I’m not able to award Mel’s sister with any kudo.

Xan- I’m not going to issue Xander a kudo this time out.

Dawn- I’m also not going to issue a kudo to Dawn, but I do acknowledge that she once again put her hooves to good use.

Wills- I’ll not issue a kudo to Willow, since she was only following Saga Vusuki’s instructions.

I will be issuing a fine KUDO to Gates, though for freeing Buffy on the sly in a roomful of enemies.

You also need to give it up to merman, Gunther. He both took care of those sneak-vampires and arrived to be the cavalry, despite that whole needing water to breathe limitation. KUDO!

I’m issuing another Half-Anti-KUDO to Dark Willow for how expertly she manipulated everyone to get what she wanted. I don’t really understand the point of it all, as I complained about in the review, but that has nothing to do with just how brilliant she was at doing it.

Finally, I am thrilled to be able to give the Scotland HQ Contingent of Wicca a KUDO for their save by negating the green fire demon guys. It turns out that it was just magical armor that made them so near-impossible to beat. Without it, they’re just guys waiting to be easily defeated.

Our Heroes – You Know They’re Embarrassing:

Buffy- I’m not going to issue a demerit against Buffy, but telling Melaka she didn’t care what happened to her world was really harsh.

Melaka- I’m not going to issue a demerit at Mel, either. Her situation was hopelessly muddled by Dark Willow and she couldn’t risk Buffy actually wiping out her entire existence.

Erin- I wish that Erin had just gone with her gut, but I can see why she didn’t want to take the risk either. No demerit for following Dark Willow’s plot.

Xander- Nothing demerity for Xan, though I was a bit annoyed that he’d apparently just written off his remaining Slayer team and seemed a little too ready to cut and run.

Dawn- Nothing bad from Dawn.

Willow- I’ve got nothing to get on Willow’s case about.

Who I do have a problem with is Dark Willow, though. And not just because she’d gone dark again – that’d be more against Willow and we have no idea why she became the way she is again. No, I’m issuing a DEMERIT against the Dark One for [Some fate stuff.]putting Buffy into the position of having to be the one to kill her and doing it in such a crazy way. But mostly for doing that to Buffy. It was really shitty, because you can tell that Dark Willow still loves her best friend which is feeding into why she wants it to be Buffy that kills her.

We have a special case to discuss here, so if you haven’t read the issue… well… I actually don’t know why you’re reading this. But we need to discuss Riley and all of his spoilers: [Riley S8 spoilage]Riley would ordinarily get a huge DEMERIT for betraying Buffy, but even when I first read the Twitlight arc, I wasn’t buying that Riley had joined the bad guys… it just seemed too “evil Riley fanfic” to me. Thankfully, it turns out that yes – he really hasn’t betrayed Buffy so I’m not going to bother wasting time issuing a demerit that I’ll only have to retract later.

It was so awesome to be able to hand out the kudos to the secondary and background players for a change! As mentioned, next time in Buffy’s Best Of/Worst Of, we’ll be tackling FRAY. But the real next time-next time will be Angel: After the Fall #16.

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