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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Buffy


Good Evening Folks. Welcome once again to “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments” for Buffy. Today’s subject matter is the strikingly-covered Issue 18.

Our characters who will be given the once over on where they did good and where they disappointed are: Buffy, Melaka, Erin, Willow, Kennedy, Xander, and Dawn.

So, the basics this time out is that Mel and Buffy are trying to track down Vampire/Lurk central, home to Melaka’s lurker brother Harth and his mysterious “madwoman” companion which we now know is actually Dark Willow. But future Wills isn’t just sitting on her laurels in this future world – we don’t know what she’s up to, but she’s turned into quite the manipulator. Meanwhile back home in Scotland, Xander and Dawn are on the run for their lives from Warren/Amy’s mystic soldiers. In New York, a guilty-feeling Willow is trying to find a way to retrieve Buffy from the trap that she led her into.

Now, like last time, this is a middle issue so we get more dialog heavy scenes as the heroes piece together where they need to go while not actually figuring out anything concrete. And like last time, I’ve found nearly nothing to award out so this is going to be pretty thin. In fact, Willow, Kennedy and Erin may even be considered glorified cameos but they took up enough panel space that I felt I needed to list them. Anyway…

Our Heroes Are Wonderful!

Buffy- I’ve nothing to grant Buffy an award for.

Melaka- Mel gets in some slaying, but only against a few lurks so no kudo.

Erin- Erin does a bit of bonding with Buffy, but it’s all just to distract her. She doesn’t earn a kudo.

Willow- Wills uses her natural sex-magic talents with Kennedy to reach Aluwyn in her other dimensional space but I don’t find it to be kudo worthy.

Kennedy- Kennedy helps Willow reach Aluwyn, which speaks to Kenn’s sexual skill but isn’t really something that I award kudos for. Perhaps if these were the AVN Awards.

Xander- I’ve got nothing to give to Xander, alas.

Dawn- Well, Dawnie still saved Xander by getting them both some breathing room from the invading magic warrior-goblins, but she received a kudo for the save last issue. So… nuthin’ again.

I was considering giving a half-anti-kudo to Dark Willow for turning Fray on Buffy, but I think I’ll wait for next issue to do so, dependent on how exactly it was done and if it is impressive mastery of manipulation or just because Fray was stupid.

I am giving Harth a Half-Anti-KUDO for his showing Gunther that just because he thinks he’s clever doesn’t mean that he’s clever enough. We don’t see the results of the lurks sneaking behind the merman in his own aquarium home while Harth distracts him, but it’s sure to be unpleasant

Our Heroes Are Crap!

Buffy- I’ve got to give Buffy a DEMERIT for being willing to allow civilians to be killed or turned by the lurks as a ploy to follow them back to Harth. Mel has it exactly right morally in not standing for that sacrifice, despite Buffy being tactically correct.

Melaka- Well, as mentioned Mel turns on Buffy at the end of this issue and we’re not told exactly what Dark Willow did to make it so. For the moment, Mel skates by until we find out the circumstances next issue.

Erin- Erin definitely was brought into Melaka’s plan to take Buffy by surprise and seems quite unsure that they’re doing the right thing. But she also doesn’t have any idea who Buffy is, while Melaka is her sister and seems to have information that Erin currently doesn’t. It isn’t a stretch to think Erin did the “right thing” in trusting her sister’s word that Buffy needed to be taken down quickly and therefore helped her sis out. No demerit issued.

Willow- Willow doesn’t receive a demerit, though I’m not sure that Kenn would be so quick to help her reach the Saga Vasuki if she knew their relationship.

Kennedy- Kennedy doesn’t receive any demerits.

Xander- I’ve nothing to complain about in Xan’s behavior.

Dawn- There isn’t anything to issue Dawn a demerit over.

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