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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Buffy


Good Evening,

We are once again with another edition of Best Of/Worst Of Character Moments. Tonight's subject is Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 8, Issue 17.

Our cross-time subjects in this issue will include: Melaka Fray, Erin Fray, Willow, Xander, Dawn, & Buffy. We also have a few panels with Kennedy, Rowena (ballcap Slayer) and Vi but they're more cameos than featured.

And before we get started, let me just forewarn that we’re on the second issue of a four issue arc, which means that we’re in a middle issue, which means that mostly it will be talking about what is happening and Buffy and Fray trying to negotiate their new relationship, which means don’t expect a lot of kudos or demerits going in.

Our Characters Rooooock!

Mel – Melaka is cool and everything, but that doesn’t earn her a kudo.

Erin – I’m not going to issue a kudo to Erin either.

Willow - Willow doesn’t earn herself a kudo, either, I’m afraid.

Xander - Sorry, Xan. Nothing for you here.

Dawn – Buffy’s sister on the other hand… she gets a KUDO for rushing into the rescue, despite still trying to get over the shock of her latest metamorphosis and saving Xan’s life with a pair of well-placed hooves.

Buffy – Nah, no kudo for past!Slayer.

I gotta issue a Half-Anti-KUDO though to [Surprise arc guest star revealed.]OMG-DARK-WILLOW! What’s she doing here?? Whatever it is, she’s set up this whole meeting with Buffy for reasons unknown and expertly manipulated her younger self into helping her from two centuries in the future through intermediaries and thereby keeping her young self in the dark. That takes a deft touch. And the reason I’m issuing an Anti-kudo right now rather than a regular kudo is that we don’t know enough to judge her actions… but Dark Willow isn’t known for the soft fluffies.

I’m also going to issue another Anti-KUDO to the Warren/Amy combination. Last issue they received one for the magic rocket attack, this issue they get one because they took it a step further. Rather than assuming that the rocket would kill all of their targets, they arranged for the mystic fire to form into mystic warriors to hunt down and kill any survivors. These two are dangerous together.

Our Characters Liiiiiimp; How Pathetic:

Melaka Fray – Mel doesn’t do anything to earn a demerit.

Erin Fray – Erin also doesn’t disappoint.

Willow – Sure, she was duped but not because she was an idiot. She may be blaming herself for whatever is happening to Buffy in the time portal, but I got nothing to black mark her for.

Xander – I’m not issuing any demerits toward Xander.

Dawn – Dawn doesn’t do anything, including whining, to annoy.

Buffy – Buffy also doesn’t do anything that earns my ire.

I don’t have any special demerits to pass out, though I did consider a half for that blabby vampire that Mel questions. But his information is so sketchy that it doesn’t actually cause any harm, unlike the minion vampire of Toru’s in Japan.

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