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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Buffy


We have a second posting today in the “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments” series for Buffy. This issue, Number 16 of Season 8, starts the ‘Time Of Your Life’ arc in which Buffy gets time shifted and meets Fray.

Our characters in this issue who get a closer look are: Buffy, Melaka, Willow, Xander, Dawn, and Kennedy.

Our Heroes are YAY!

Buffy: Our star Slayer doesn’t get a kudo.

Melaka: Our future-star Slayer also doesn’t get a kudo.

Willow: Willow manages a lot of mumbo jumbo that amounts to throwing Buffy into the future, which is no easy feat. I will issue her a Half-KUDO – only half, because I’m not convinced that she actually did what she was planning, rather than have it accidentally happen on her.

Xander: Poor Xander is still dealing with Renee and doing so through work. But, he doesn’t get a kudo.

Dawn: Dawn’s no longer a giantess! But now? She has the ass of a horse. She also doesn’t get a kudo.

Kennedy: Kennedy doesn’t receive a kudo, either.

Yay, Vi! She’s in charge of the large New York contingent and that is no little thing. I’m issuing her a Half-KUDO for her promotion to this prestigious post.

I’m also going to issue a special Anti-KUDO to the bad guys, Warren & Amy, who have whipped up quite the magic rocket to take out Slayer HQ.

Our Heroes Are BOO!

Buff- Buffy tries to outgeek Andy, but she’s not as annoying about it. Also, she doesn’t get a demerit.

Mel- You can’t blame Fray for punching a confused Buffy when she was a demon just a second before [there is a cross-time swap in progress]. She also doesn’t earn herself a demerit.

Wills- Willow doesn’t do anything to earn a demerit.

Xan- Xander skates by with no demerits, but he’s lucky that Dawnie didn’t slap him.

Whiner- Dawn also doesn’t earn a demerit, but I’m agreeing with Xan that there has to be a non-whiney way for Dawn to deal with her latest alteration.

Bitca- Yeah. I hate Kennedy’s entire attitude problem and again, Buffy’s personal life is none of her business and her practically accusing Buffy of trying to get with Willow now is insulting. She gets a Half-DEMERIT for aggressive bitchiness.

Aaaand, we have no special demerits to hand out.

Now, as to the FRAY limited series, I will be issuing Best Of / Worst Of kudos/demerits for that series. I may list it as “Other”, but right now I’m leaning toward just making it a BTVS post. I’ll decide when the time comes, which won’t be until after we get through the BTVS issues in this arc.

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