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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments - BTVS


Back again, all.

Today, we’ll be having two Best Of / Worst Of postings for Buffy. Our issue this time out will be from Season 8 and is part 4 of the “Wolves at the Gate” arc.

Our characters that we’ll be investigating in Issue 15 are: Buffy, Xander, Willow, Satsu, Andrew & Dawn.

As you’ll recall from our last post, Renee gets shanked through the chest because nobody thought it might be a good idea to have somebody watch behind them. And I issued the dying Renee a share of the special half-demerit for that, and felt a little bad about it.

This issue[Spoiler (click to open)], she dies. And I still feel just a little bad about that half-demerit thing – but not bad enough to retract it.

Our Heroes Are Super!

Buffy- I’m going to give Buffy a Half-Kudo for her swan dive-save of Willow from the vampire witch.

Xander- Xan gets [Spoilery]the big sympathy, but he doesn’t get a kudo.

Willow- Willow manages to save herself, Buffy and later Satsu from high rise falls. She earns her KUDO for this, but it was also snazzy that she depowered the vampires.

Satsu- Satsu is the one who retrieves the Scythe, interrupting the crucial spell before the Slayers found themselves slaughtered. That earns her a KUDO in my book.

Andrew- It’s Andrew that helps Dawn face down and defeat her Mecha-Dawn counterpart and for that he earns a Half-KUDO for being the brains.

Dawn- Dawn herself will also earn a Half-KUDO for the defeat of her giant, mechanical twin by being the brawn to Andy’s brains.

I’m also issuing Dracula another Half-KUDO for easily cutting the limbs off Toru, despite the younger vampire’s verbal taunts. That, Toru, is what a bad-ass vampire actually looks like and he doesn’t need the shapeshifting to get that point across.

Obviously though, Toru does get a Half-KUDO as well for the death of a Slayer. He does have that advantage of the misting powers and the clumsy Slayers-don’t-watch-their-backs thing to help him out though, so that’s why his reward is only halved.

Our Heroes Are Zeroes!

Buffy- I’ve nothing to complain about in Buffy’s case this time.

Xander- I’m having one of those on-the-fence moments regarding Xander. I can understand why he dropped everything to rush to his knees and hold Renee – but, that is a good way to get killed and to put the other Slayers at risk having to watch his back while he’s completely ignoring the danger around him. I’m not going to issue a demerit to him… [Spoils to the clicker.]call it a grief exemption. But, if you wanted to pass him a half-demerit for not being disciplined in a war zone, I may *quietly* agree with you on it.

Willow- I’ve nothing to issue a demerit at Willow, over. Although I’ll admit to still being annoyed by both her butting in on Buffy’s private business, and on her timing for doing so.

Andrew- Andrew doesn’t earn himself a demerit.

Dawn- Dawn doesn’t earn herself a demerit, either.

Poor Xan. Poor Renee. Poor Satsu [but congrats on her promotion].

Interestingly, unless Buffy’s blade had some stored up magic in it, Kumiko the Vampire Sorceress should still be alive. We see Buffy’s metal blade deep in her back and some energy discharge but then Buffy falls out of view and we follow along with her.


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