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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel


Well, at least with not being able to post review work, I’m really burning through the Best Of / Worst Of stuff, huh?

Getting bored yet with reading these mini-postings?

Well, it doesn’t matter because here’s another one  ;-)

We’ll be using this opportunity to return to Wolfram & Hart’s Hell-Angeles because despite being on issue 15, ‘After The Fall’ is still not done. With Illyria rampaging with Gunn’s support to wipe out everything in the universe, our characters that we’ll be taking a good long look at are: Angel [back to mostly healthy, but still mortal], Betta George, Spike and Connor.

Our Heroes Stand Tall!

Angel: Angel gets some good moments in this issue, including beating vampire Gunn in hand to hand, and refusing to step down the first footfall on the path to warping himself by embracing killing his former friends, even though it’s justified. But, what I’m giving him KUDO for is his using his brain to figure out that to beat Illyria, you gotta get inside her mind and touch the feelings of Fred that may be left over.

George: Betta George comes through by somehow managing to link a ghost and a vampire with an Old One-god and flooding said god with everything that Fred was and that it only thought it could be from the people who knew and loved her. If it wasn’t for him, W & H wouldn’t have been able to topple her over before she destroyed everything. He gets a KUDO.

Spike: I’ve got nothing to give to Spike.

Connor: There isn’t a kudo to award for Connor.

I’m giving Illyria, the true Old One Illyria, an Anti-KUDO for the devastation it has wrought on W&H’s private Hell, basically making them bystanders in their own created reality. It is single-handedly taking apart L.A., including wiping out nearly all of Spike’s Amazon Squad, killing Groo along with his flying steed, and wiping out the survival Slayers. It also plays with Angel’s head by time-slipping him forward so he can get a good long experience of what he’ll be like when he’s done exactly what W & H has wanted him to do since he won’t just die selflessly. And of course, she seems on the way to timeslipping forward past when anything exists and W & H are completely helpless to stop it.

I’m also giving Gunn a Half-anti-KUDO for successfully killing Connor, mostly to stab Angel in the heart but also for that boot out of the window he’d received from him.

Our Heroes Sag….

Angel- I have nothing to get on Angel’s case about this time out. I wouldn’t have blamed him for killing vampire!Gunn, either, but I won’t issue a demerit because he didn’t.

Betta- Betta George doesn’t earn himself a demerit.

Spike- Spike doesn’t earn a black mark, though he doesn’t actually do much either.

Connor- No black mark for Connor, either, making it a clean sweep. Gunn does take him a bit too easily with nobody remembering suddenly that he’s a psycho-killer vampire but I’m getting used to that sort of thing happening to Connor. “The Destroyer”, my ass.

I’d considered issuing W & H a half-demerit for allowing an unpredictable old one to be transported into Hell-Angeles in the first place, but I’ve changed my mind. I don’t know, first of all, whether they could’ve transported the city around her and in the second place, Hamilton basically owned her so they probably just didn’t realize that she could tap her full power in their little set-up.

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