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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments - BTVS


Hello gang. The latest on my internet is 07/23 for ATT to send out the tech. Once I’m up and I’ve done all of the updates that have got to be waiting for me, the next review will be TS-19 for “The Walking Dead”.

With that out of the way, instead of the movie review I’d planned on, I’ll be reviewing the next Buffy episode instead.

For now though, it’s another edition of “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments” – Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 8, Issue 14.

Our players who we’ll be taking a closer look at are: Buffy, Willow, Xander, Renee and Satsu. Dawn and Andrew won’t be getting an entry this time out, because they’re cameo appearances. Both get more to do next issue.

Our Heroes – Playing With A Full Deck!

Buffy- I’ve nothing to issue a kudo to Buffy for.

Willow- Wills does pull out some magic when it’s needed, but nothing that she does here earns her a kudo.

Xander- I’ve got no awards for Xander Harris, either.

Renee- Renee is quite the little actress. She does a splendid job of playing the lost tourist to lure one of our vampire leader Toru’s minions into a trap. I’ll give her a Half-KUDO for throwing in the scared tears.

Satsu- Satsu does nothing to earn herself a kudo.

Dracula, despite being – at best – an anti-villain gets himself a regular Half-KUDO for honoring his truce with Buffy. It would’ve been very easy for him to simply not say anything about how to capture a vampire who can fog-out at any moment. In fact, it would’ve been smart not to share that but he doesn’t even consider it.

Our Heroes – Like They’re Playing With One Card & It’s a 4.

Buffy- Once again we have Buffy marching herself right into a trap by underestimating her foe. And, considering how easily Toru grabbed her Scythe, she really should’ve been much more suspicious when he was staring out the window and not reacting to her dramatic entrance. And, the “let’s not clear the corners of the room before engaging the obvious enemy standing there looking all vulnerable” costs a life. DEMERIT

Wills- I hold Willow even more responsible in this case than I do Buffy. A tiny bit of magic should’ve revealed the trap before it could spring but she was too busy power marching instead. This is especially bad since she knows that the vampires have a witch on their side. DEMERIT

Xan- Xander shares in the pear-shaped operation, but I hold him less culpable because trying to stop Buffy when she’s in full-on “kick your ass right now mode” is a wasted effort. I’m surprised he didn’t order the Slayers to guard their rear though, especially since they’re dealing with vampires who mist.
But, I’m feeling that way about the entire team. Rather than issue him a demerit of his own, he’ll share in the special demerit coming.

Renee- Oh, Renee. I would’ve warned you about getting involved with Xander, if I coulda.

But really, her only mistake in this issue was in not watching her back, along with the rest of the Slayers. Since I’m issuing a special demerit for that, I’ll not issue her one of her own.

Satsu- Like Renee, Satsu only earns my ire by not being much more prepared for vampires who can easily appear behind them through misting. She also shares in the demerit coming up.

I’m issuing, as mentioned, a special Half-DEMERIT to everyone not named Buffy or Willow in the band of raiders on Toru’s offices. I’m just having trouble with how basic “watch your backs, these vampires can mist into existence behind us and have magic” sweeps weren’t being performed by somebody in this group: Renee, Satsu, Leah, Xander, unidentified Slayer and Dracula all receive a share of the collective blame on this one.

And yes, I feel really bad about issuing the half-demerit at Renee considering she more than pays enough of a cost, already. I’m just cold-hearted and not going to let her slide just because she takes a Scythe shaft through the chest.

I also feel like I should issue a Half-DEMERIT to Renee’s would-be vampire attacker. The guy didn’t even try to resist their questioning. He’s the worst sort of blabby-mouthed minion.

Man, guys, I don’t know. Am I just being too hard on our protagonists? Because it feels like all I’ve been doing lately is ragging on them for not being good enough and been stingy with the kudos for the good guys. I’m mean, I’m being honest – I’m not just doing it to be snarky or anything but I am starting to wonder if I’ve lost perspective somewhere.

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