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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel


In keeping with my focus on “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments” postings during my time waiting for my internet connection at home to be fixed, I present….

Yeah, “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments”. Duh.

This time out, let’s take a look at Angel: After the Fall, i.e. Season 6, Issue 14.

Our characters’ moments to be pored over are: Groo, Connor, Spike, Illyria, Angel [yeah, somehow he’s still not dead] and, Betta George.

Our Heroes Are The Best!

Groo- I have a feeling that Groo was doing some really kudo worthy things off panel. But, I don’t have any “off-panel moments of awesome kudos”. As for what I can see, I’m still able to gladly give our Groosalugg Half-KUDO for taking on the dragon-fied jets with nothing but a fire sword.

Connor- I’ve not any kudo-reason to issue a reward to Angel’s son.

Spike- Well, Spike tries to get Angel patched up by referring to the timey-whimey room that can turn back the clock five minutes [explaining why the dead Slayers and Spike could come back in that room], but it was too late for that to work. Plus, I’m still not on the side of saving Angel as a good thing. So basically, I’m saying that Spike doesn’t get a kudo.

Illyria- Poor Illyria… she can’t be what she was, she can’t be Fred, she can’t bring Fred back and now she’s returning to villain-mode. Thanks vampire-Gunn, thanks a whole lot. No kudo for our Old One.

Angel- Nothing for Angel, either.

Betta George- I’ve nothing to reward Betta for.

Weirdly, though, I’ve gotta give a Half-KUDO [yes, not an anti-kudo, but the genuine article] to Vampire!Gunn for his plan to circumvent W & H’s manipulations by using Illyria’s timewarp powers to return Hell-Angeles to a point in time before the alleyway fight. Unfortunately, it all goes wrong when W & H busts up the plan and Illyria just gets sick of EVERYthing, but it was actually a relatively good idea – if selfish; Gunn is actually more concerned about getting rid of his case of fangs.

But, it leads instead to Illyria using her newly released full potential in an attempt to simply wipe everything out! She gets an Anti-KUDO for that, as she’s able to blink the universe out for a heartbeat right under W & H’s overview, inside their own construct and there isn’t a damned thing they could do about it. It’s not easy to out-Big Bad the extra-dimensional law firm, but Illyria makes it look easy.

Our Heroes Are So Bad!

Groo- He receives no demerit.

Connor- Connor doesn’t deserve a demerit.

Spike- Nothing bad from Spike, except a little annoyance on my part at his inappropriately timed banter.

Illyria- Uhhh… let’s see: Illyria pre-freakout gets a Half-DEMERIT from me because she’s being so wimpy by staying ‘Fred’ instead of punching Gunn’s head off and it’s annoying.

Angel- I honestly don’t understand why Angel didn’t stake Vampire!Gunn when he was standing right there with the stake ready to go. I’ll issue a Half-DEMERIT; Gunn needs to be put down.

Betta George- I have no problems with George’s behavior this time out.

I’m going to issue a DEMERIT to Wolf, Ram & Hart for not taking immediate steps to stop Illyria before her mojo could start cycling up. She’s about to timewarp everything into oblivion inside their own construct, and they can’t do a damned thing about it. They’re so focused on Angel, Angel, Angel that the actual threat is allowed to blow up in their faces!

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