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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: BTVS


Hey Gang!

Welcome to another fun edition of our Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments series. Today, we’ll be taking a close look at our BTVS characters for Season 8, Issue 12 … the really fun “Wolves at the Gate” arc [well, not fun for Xander or anyone who wants to see him start a relationship that doesn’t end in misery and despair].

But before we dive into that, I wanted to address why I haven’t posted anything in a week. And no, it is not because of my serial procrastination this time; nor is it because I treated myself to a week off on reviewing for finishing Season 9 of BTVS and Season [7] of Angel. {I’m just smart-assing myself here to save you the trouble, because I care.}

In keeping with the general theme of my life, which is that I’m in a minor circle of hell where my sanity is constantly under assault by pecking ducks, my landline decided apropos of nothing in particular to crash. Without my landline, I also lost my internet connection. I’ve opened a ticket with ATT – but apparently they have a very generous employee policy when it comes to doing work because they’ve given me a “latest date of service” of July 28th: THREE FRIKKIN’ WEEKS, people. Seriously, is it any wonder that the revenant of Ma Bell is having so many issues with losing customers to the upstarts?

Anyway, it leaves me in a bit of a mess posting-wise. While I can do simple things like this from work, the reviewing would be too difficult because of all of the anti-script things that are running which makes it difficult to do things like change fonts, insert screencaps, etc., etc.

Obvs, I will get back to work as soon as ATT decides I can.

Now – on with our posting: Today’s focus characters will be: Buffy, Xander, Renee, Satsu, Andrew, Willow and Dawn.

Our Characters Are Da Bomb!

Buffy: I have no kudos to give to our greatest Slayer. [But I did really love the knuckle-sandwich to the smart-ass vamp that touched her stuff, after she gave fair warning.]

Xander: I have no kudos to give to Xan, either. He’s adorable, but not kudo-y.

Renee: I like you Renee, and the banter was all cutie and stuff, but no kudo.

Satsu: You’re cool and all Satsu, but you don’t get a kudo [hmmm… we have a theme].

Andrew: Oh, Andy. Nothing for you, either.

Willow: Nope. Nothing going on here.

Dawn: Sorry, Dawn. No kudo for you.

Wow – our heroes are skunked. And what truly makes it sting is that I gotta give a large and in-charge Anti-KUDO to the bad guys. The vampires just run over the Slayer HQ contingent like they’re pros facing amateur night. It’s embarrassing.

Our Characters Stink!

Buffy: I’ve nothing to demerit Buffy over.

Xander: Okay, I gotta give Xan a DEMERIT on this one. You’ve been at the slayer-gig how many years now? And you’re still being taken by complete surprise over mysterious wolves approaching out of thick fog and slinking their way to the base. *sigh*

Renee: Okay, Renee… I know you’re new-ish and you’re all awed by the fine studliness of S8 Xan, but you really didn’t seem all that concerned by the mysterious wolves in the thick fog that were stalking up to the HQ. A Slayer needs to be on her toes in these sorts of situations. Still, since you were obviously looking to Xander to decide how big a deal to take this, I’ll only go with Half-DEMERIT.

Satsu: I’m not going to issue demerits, even though I’ll agree that sleeping with the boss is in bad form.

Andrew: Nothing demerit-worthy from Andrew, but he’s only just arrived so….

Willow: No demerits for Willow.

Dawn: No behavior from Dawn gets a demerit.

I’m going to issue a Half-DEMERIT blanket to cover all of the Slayers and the Mystics at Council HQ. For it to have been so easy for a strike force to enter, go straight to the room they needed, enter the secured room and leave with the Slayer Scythe shows a real lack of creative thought in planning out the protection against the supernatural. To repeat myself, it was really embarrassing.

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